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Leeper Lingerie Company

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This is a report on questions raise by the Leeper Lingerie Company case study. The report is to establish whether on evaluation it is it ones job or the person to be evaluated, or whether there is maximum pay for every job in an organization. It will also establish if there are other ways to reward employees rather than salary increase. Job evaluation can be a very challenging thing to managers as they are required to pay every one fairly without causing divisions in the work place. Job Evaluation is a technique used to rank jobs in a certain organization on the based on duties and responsibilities that particular job entails. Evaluation process enables jobs to be assigned to grades known as pay grade. Pay grade gives pay range that spells minimum and a maximum pay rate. Having been around for over seventy five years both in private and public sectors, job evaluation can be specifically designed for each organization. However, there are basic thing the evaluation entails that will help to value each job in a group of jobs. Then an organization wants to start a job evaluation plan, it is to required to determine which jobs in the organization are to be covered by the job evaluation plan and also what factors it will use in the job evaluation process. There are various factors to be considered: skills, effort, responsibility and working condition. Skills will comprise of education, communication, experience and complexity while effort will cover mental effort, concentration and problem solving. Financial responsibility, decision making, operation latitude and contact with other will fall under responsibilities while visual demands, physical demand and physical effort will fall under working conditions.

Was Keith justified in insisting that the job not the person to be evaluated?  Keith was justified to insist that the job not the person to be evaluated. In job evaluation a clear line should be drawn between the person doing the job any the job itself. Job evaluation only focuses on the job itself and grades it so that any person who gets employed to do the work is within the set salary range for that particular job. It is a basic requirement that any employee performs in the work he or she is doing and thus it cannot be used to evaluate. Although Geneva is doing very well on her position, that is part of her responsibility and duty. It is work of a receptionist to portray the company positively to clients and failure to do that will be like absconding her duties. Although Geneva has been in the company longest, her pay is not only determined by experience but also by other factors running from education, working conditions and responsibilities.  It would be thus illogical and unprofessional if she were to be paid higher than even her supervisor since she works well and has been around longer. Performance is thus irrelevant as it is the job to be evaluated and not the person on that particular job.

Is there maximum pay rate for every job within an organization, regardless of performance?   For every job in an organization there is both minimum and maximum amount the employee can be paid regardless of his or her performance. Payment for a particular job will depend on many factors. The latitude of operation being one of the key factors that determine how much is to be paid for the position. Generally CEO’s are the highest paid in most organizations and while secretaries and receptionist the lowest paid among the white color jobs in the company. In some one under you were to be paid higher than you, most people will not be comfortable as salary is generally used to express one position. Education level is another factor. Generally position of receptionist does not require extensive education and most receptionists are just diploma holders. Paying some one holding just a diploma higher than a master’s holder will make employees resign and move to other organizations as they will see themselves as under paid. Particular job position in a company gives a certain amount of income to the company. It will be illogical to pay someone to high that it will be a burden to the company. Payment is that limited to the position production capacity.

 Assuming an employee is earning the maximum of the range for her pay grade, what ways can the employee obtain a salary increase?   For an employee already receiving the maximum range of salary grade, raising the rank of that individual will enable him or her to receive salary increase. If Geneva is already receiving the maximum for the job grade, the organization can decide to raise her rank. Higher rank means higher salary grade and thus higher maximum salary.  If the company wants to recognize Geneva’s performance, that will be one of the ways out. Another way is for the company to increase responsibility for the position and hence increase the pay grade for the job

Ways in which an employee can be rewarded for outstanding performance other than salary increase                

Other than salary increase there are other ways to reward employees with outstanding performance. One of the ways is to award the employee benefits like more housing and health allowances, awarding his or her children education scholarships. The company many also consider catering for Geneva’s commuting costs.


The report clearly found out that on job evaluation it is the job in question to be considered and not the person doing it. Every job has the maximum a person on that position can be paid and also that other than salary increase there are other effective ways of rewarding an employee with outstanding performance other than salary increase. It also found ways that can be used to increase salary of an outstanding employee.


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