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Program Manager/Director

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I am writing to express my interest in the Program Manager/Director position as advertised in the Blue Planet site, and I have endorsed my resume for your consideration. I believe I have skills, background and personal attributes to fill this role successfully.

Review of my credentials will confirm that I have served for over 30 years on similar job tasks. Currently, I am working as a business owner and general manager at Hawaii Skylights and Solar Fans which I have successfully managed from start up to profitability. Previously, I have also held relevant and competitive job positions in power plants were I demonstrated for my employers an exceptional facility for meeting organizational objectives and requirements.

Considering my strong background, leadership and commitment to organizational goals and objectives, I am convinced that I can meet and exceed the duties of Blue Planet Program Director. With strong communication skills and dynamic presentation/ public speaking style, let me also note that one of my greatest strengths is my ability to build relationships within and outside an organization.

As described, Blue Planet Program Director sounds like a perfect match; I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you at a convenient time. Please, feel free to contact me at 808.847.6527 or by email.

Thank you for your review and consideration. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

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