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Recommendation Letter

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The purpose of this letter is to serve as a recommendation for a landscape engineer for M-GIobal. I have been fully acquainted with design of walkways for the rest of the period I have served within the Foreign Trade Ministry as the Chairman of Chemical and Chemical Products Export Union and Board Member of issues dealing with landscaping problems at the various sites of the land.

I have demonstrated not only on the capacity to lead but also the rare ability to come up with innovative approaches capable of ensuring that the location of trees and garden beds, the grading of land around buildings, and any other topographical features created and maintained in a sustainable and consistent manner. I endowed with good nature and humility that is demonstrated by my genuine enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to learn – a curiosity that is exhibited over and over and is accompanied by enthusiasm for an idea and a lead role in most challenging duties in my duties and responsibilities such as grading of land around buildings, and any other topographical features.

Despite the challenges within my responsibilities as a Member of issues dealing with landscaping problems at the various sites of the land, I was able to revolve around and being instrumental in finding practical solutions to problems that have led to the overall enhancement of global competitiveness of landscape. Calamities that have negatively impacted the employees, inhabitants, and students are: Muddy unpaved walkway between dormitories and academic buildings on a college campus, poorly landscaped entrance to a major subdivision, City tennis courts with poor drainage, and Soil runoff into the streets from several steep, muddy subdivision lots that have not yet been sold. As a professional landscape engineer, I was able to handle with ease and practicability the situations through formation of youth groups within the communities to plant at least twenty trees per each. This was to enhance drainage system in the land. Secondly in schools, I ordered contractors to pave the muddy to ways, and this facilitated movements of students around the compound. As per soil runoff into the streets from several steep, professionally, I made sure the water tunnels were built according to the requirement of the landscape rule. It is under my profession that the need to save some large trees that may be doomed because of proposed construction.

Equipped with great qualifications, a number of accolades/achievements, strong educational background, professional volunteer work in a number of institutions and programs and exposure to work environment, I strongly believe that I will not only fit perfectly into any professional engineering team but will also be  a great asset to the organization. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations and it would be a great pleasure for me offering my landscape engineering expertise skills within any engineering company set up. If there is any question or concern regarding my reference, please feel free to contact my referees.

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