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Recruiting, Selection and Retention

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The  selection method  adapted and used  at outback steak house helps the organization to gain a competive age in the market place by selecting and bringing on board employees who are qualified  and uphold  highstandards in delivering  quality services to its customers. It is evident  that through selection of skilled and  educated employees  at outback steak house also saves consinderable amount of money  and time of  training. This is so becsuse only skilled candidates are observed to the system. As a result, the  company has benefits significantly  from this selection and experinces  low resignation rate thus  refraining from cost of freguent  hiring and training.

The importance of fit selection

At the Outback Steakhouse Job description is brought into fucus as the most important and critical selection tool. As the company contiues to grow new needs also arise. To select correct candidate, the selection team consinders  how best the job descriptions addresses the issues affecting the company in view of  aquiring new brains to solve the problem and  maximise profit  as well as  expand the company. For this reason,  the job description  contains detailed information about the knowledge, experience, and skills that are required for the candidate  to be selected. 

On top of that,the Outback Steakhouse selection team defines the Position title , essential job functions ,responsibilities associated with  the post,Education background needed, training and experience addition the selection team determine the  Pay  salary range , Education and training required to maintain competence,and Other specifications of the position that may be required to be met  such as legal requirement or the objectives of the organization. Knowledge, skills, abilities required to perform duties and the Reporting relationships are also discussed  to the candidate by the selection team at the time  of job  interview. This in turn  is  used  to  establish salary ranges and  defination   of performance apraisals of selected candidates.

Evaluation of selection process.

Job seekers at outback  are selected through  job interview  which starts by  filling  of an aplication form. The form retrives the candidate background information  about the kind of job they are seeking and expecting. It is evident that  the  initial screening point of  selection process  start by examining the candidates aplication forms. The selection team then seek to retrive the  qualified candidates by selecting them from the aplication forms. The use of application forms  at the outback has an added advantage since it standardises and evaluates every body equaly.  This method evaluation  is imporant since it helps in collecting  all the required data for selection from all job seeker and  makes  it simpler to do comparisons between  candidates  abilities as opposed to going through different versions of cadidates  CV’s.

According to Peg (2005) he argues that, based on this aproach, every candidate has the same opportunity to offer the required  information on specified topics.After this evaluation it  makes it easy to come up with succesful candiates who meet  the  necessary reqiurements to be obsoved to the company who are in turn are shortlisted and called for further interview by the human resource  pernel.

 Once called for Interviews  the outback inteviwers have an opportunity to find out more about the applicant as an individual. The interviewers have a chance to interact and  interogate the candidates by going through  statements answered in the application forms, this makes the applicants to provide  evidence of experience in key areas of speciality. In this stage of selection , the candidate also finds more about the outback as thier employer.


As  part of the recruitment , the  selection process should provide room to  assess the candidate's  long term  mutual benefit and  interest in the organization and position in comparison to the position held, this means that the company should be in aposition to retain candites for long time by offering  them salary and benefits that  are worth rewarding to the service offered  (Diane,2001).

In addition, the  recruitment cometee should take the initive to do induction in the right way to the new candidates obsolved  to the company. The  new recruits should be shown what happens in their relevant areas of allocation. This is done by explaining to them  how they fit into the organisation as a whole. More general background information about the organisation and its values are also revealed with clear outline of what is their  job spesification  and the output  expected of them,  terms and conditions of contracting , pay and sick leave arrangements and  health and safety information among other things should be made clear

In conclusion this selection and evaluation method used  is valid because the  tool  used for screening of applicants  assess whether candidate's meets   the company  spesification. Secondly the selection cometee  has the best chance to chose the best qualified candidates to  to be adopted to the company.  According to Diane(2001) assert that, engagement of the applicant in series of accesments questions  not only allows the interviewers to select the best canditaes who meet their reguirements but also Asses the  candidate's skills allowing selection team to choose  the best candidate.

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