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Recruitment Individual and Discussion Two

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Understanding the requirements of the job to be filled is very important before you could start carrying out a recruiting exercise. The kind of personality, experience and education expected? This will enable you to understand the mental and physical tasks involved (Entrepreneur, 2011).  Below is a recruitment form outline covering the key areas of job description to help you carry out the exercise.

Job title:

Describing the job.

Department/ Section:

Should be clear in stating the section and unit in the firm.

Reports to:

Persons the employee is answerable to.

Name: Interviewed

Name of candidate applying for the Job.

Basic functions of the company

A summary of the main purpose of the job and the reason why the job is available


Stating what is done, Why and how its done

Work Contacts

Measures to which candidates requires corporation with others

Education and Training

Minimum academic qualifications required.


Minimum previous experience

Other Requirements

Basic job knowledge, communication, other observable qualifications.

Recruitment is making evidence based decisions, it should therefore consider the methods to use, these includes outreach programs for instance through advertisements, internal and external referral sources or through mass marketing. Answering these questions takes time considering you have to pretest your message and pretest the delivery message too. The methods mainly used to collect information during the recruitment exercise include focus groups, one on one interview, group interviews, survey, field observations, reviewing of program records and reviewing existing research.

Importance of creating job description forms

Accurate job description is important towards ensuring that the process of hiring/recruitment is fair from personal preference and also reduce chances of future complains from workers of being overworked depending with the nature of the job since these forms detailed with all the essential functions that each employee is expected to be responsible, this helps in planning since you are able to plan mentally of what you are intending to gather. A Job description form also helps avoid discrimination. Besides, job descriptions provides accurate information to include in job postings and advertisement for the recruitment and hiring process by spelling out the requirements for the position

Essential job duties are those functions or duties in the company that everyone serving in that position must be able to execute. According to HEO Guidelines, The distinction between essential and non essential functions protects The Americans with disabilities that cannot be able to perform certain non essential tasks; such acts are used to safe guard candidates or applicants not to be left out because of their disabilities in participating during the selection process.

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