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Researchers Job

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The internet has become a very important tool in research work and therefore has made the job of the researcher a little bit easier. It is been made a little easier because the research has to study the various materials found on the internet platform and evaluate on their credibility for applying them in the research. However, for poor writers, they may not choose between the right and wrong sources. Well, the writer of any research work is faced by some challenges whereas there could be some strengths he or she may posses while coming up with a good writing of whatever it is that is being put down on paper. The following section therefore discusses the weakness and strengths of a writer.

Weakness and Strengths of a Writer

Well, many writers have the problem of reading the thoughts of other people first before thinking on the subject to be written about. This muddles up the process of putting down individual thoughts. In the effort of writing, writers are unable to figure out the things they are thinking about. They lack proficiency. Writers lack the ability of using strong verbs which give power and strength to their writing. When a writer makes use of passive voice in the entire script, the information appears to be a weaker argument (Trimble, 1999). Take for example, a writer saying, “Leaders have the duty to manage resources.” This is a weaker statement than saying; “Leaders manage resources”. It is likely that the writer will make flaws in the former statement than in the latter statement. This is one of the weaknesses the writer can have. Another weakness is realized when a writer takes an authoritative position in writing as a way of covering up lack of skills and knowledge. The information contained in such a situation is likely to be flawed in many ways (Trimble, 1999).

Therefore to avoid such mess, a writer can choose to have good planning and organization which would make ideas flow very swiftly without mixing ideas. Writing in a natural manner rather than making an effort to match analysis to raw facts and details in a complex way would be considered a great strength of the writer (Trimble, 1999). Simplicity while choosing words makes the writer avoid writing lengthy sentences which could be equated to a paragraph. The message is passed across in a more direct and strong way. A good writing will thus result if these weaknesses are addressed and the strengths reinforced.

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