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Salary in Todays Job Market

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In the current market, people are very informed about job markets and the candidates are well informed about salary ranges. The upcoming generation is also informed on better methods of searching jobs as well as advanced reports of the most well paying institutions by their geographical location.

In America, many people believe that one has to be well earning to have a comfortable life and out of this the citizens are always working towards better paying jobs. To achieve this, the people normally get back to class so as top upgrade their professional and academic qualifications. (Gove, P., 1961).

The current job market is an advanced one in which the available jobs require highly trained personnel due to the high number of jobless workers. Out of this, the employers always go for the most experienced as well as the most skilled both professionally and academically. Out of this, people pursing their masters are opting to go for the most marketable courses. (Ehrhardt, M. and Brigham, E., 2008).

Taking as an example, one pursuing MBA is offered with different fields to major in, which include human resource management, finance, insurance, and accounting. Therefore, a person pursuing the same offers them the chance to look for jobs in all theses market sectors. The three market ventures I choose include human resource management, financial analysis, and insurance. (Ehrhardt, M. and Brigham, E., 2008).

The three job opportunities are well marketable and they have international recognition. Going by recognition, the most common and available job markets in the world are the US, Europe and China. Taking the three as my target workstations, the most important factors to consider are the compensation, job security, and the living conditions among other factors.

To be in line with our topic of discussion, we analyze the three job opportunities in all the three target locations

a) Human Resource Manager

The post of a human resource manager is found in all work organizations because it forms the executive panel of an organization’s management. Initially, the role of a human resource manager was assigned by the finance or administration department. It involved hiring employees, paying the employees, as well as dealing with benefits.

The role of a modern human resource professional is connected to executive agendas and should always be in line with the needs of his or her changing organization. This is because an organization has to adapt, quick to change direction, resilient, as well as customer-centered. (Ehrhardt, M. and Brigham, E., 2008).

The HR professional, is hence considered necessary by line managers, because he is a strategic partner, an employee sponsor and an advocate for change. He is usually assisted in his duty by the junior employees in the department.

The compensation of the post for different location sis as follows:

  • US - $75,000
  • Europe - $80,000
  • China - $80,000

b) Financial Analyst

This is also referred to as the securities analyst, the research analyst, or the equity analysts. This person performs the financial analysis of an organization as well as for external and internal clients. This involves evaluating the financial statement s of an organization and providing a financial framework upon which to work.

The job is very marketable and the following is the average earnings:

  • US - $80,000
  • Europe - $85,000
  • China - $ 80,000

c) Product Manager

Product management entails the marketing, distribution, planning and forecasting the products of an organization. The person involved in this duty is called the product manager. He ensures that product and brand market of the organization is achieved to increase sales.

The job is relatively available with the following remuneration in the three locations:

  • US - $75,000
  • Europe -$80,000
  • China – $70,000

Market Analysis

The figures from the three markets show that the locations are well paying with the highest well paying market being Europe. The working conditions in Europe are conducive with the vast working institutions available and the good government policies. The other thing that makes Europe the best market place is the development, which is encouraging more workers due to the growth. (Gove, P., 1961).

In the development sector however, the most favorable place to work in is China due to the high technological advancement in the country. The industries there have many opportunities for the administrative and financial sectors.

Focusing on US, the market is well paying though the market is already developed and there exists few opportunities. The good thing about it is that it is secure and job security is guaranteed due to the well-established system of administration. (Kieso, D. and E. Weygand, J., 2007).

In theses three locations, the most important compensations that one should stress on are the basic salary, the living allowance and family allowances, which should cater for the house, health and education of the family because one is required to live in a foreign country.

The strength of my current compensation is that it provides for all the basic and important needs like my health, my family’s health, my housing, and education. However, the main weakness is that it does not provide adequately for the same. (Kieso, D. and E. Weygand, J., 2007).

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