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The Best Job

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I would not believe that one day, I would be a lawyer by professional and many people would come looking for my help. It was just a dream that one day I would also be employed and become one of the most successful men in this business. I would say it was a total hoax. As I sit here on this spring chair and swing around in my office arm chair, I just remember how it all started. How could I forget I am a complete success and not ashamed to put my chest first and say I made it. I am a qualified lawyer who can deal with internal and external cases.

My work is mainly to deal with legal issues for individual clients and corporations. I draft the legal documents and attend hearings in courts. I was employed in a certain law firm where I exercised my skills and my boss had confidence in me that I would never let him down. I drafted several legal documents.

The job was difficult on my side as I had already lost two cases in less than a month. It was at this time, when the firm that I was working with saw that I was disappointing them though was a lawyer by professional. Things did not go well on my side. There after I received a letter that I did not know it was a suck letter. I felt so disappointed and saw as if the whole world was against me. I had so many questions in my mind but there was no one to answer them. I thought of the bills I had to take care of; my sick mother, school fees for my kids and my life too would be in a total mess. It meant I was required to tarmac in search of another job. Believe it or not, a woman came to my rescue, my wife’s friend. She was pretty and charming but quite serious.

Since I desperately needed the job, I did not look at the low paid salary she offered the most important thing was to get my feet back on the ground. An opportunity presented itself.  This was a case where the CNN could not have missed out. It only meant that I was in the time light and needed to be in control. It involved a Russian who wanted to traffic a child belonging to an Australian woman. This was big! The two countries; Russia and Australia were watching. Things went sour in the high court. Evidence tendered in court was more on hearsay and the judge held it to be inadmissible. More evidence was needed and I lost the case. My boss was mad at me and the CNN did not make it any better. I appealed to the court of appeal. This time, there was more evidence, expert evidence for that matter. DNA tests had been conducted which proved that I was right, a true lawyer in the making. Case closed. As the mother and the child reconciled happily, I felt left out hardly did I know that the world was watching.

That only meant more cases and it was definitely a new dawn. Phones could not stop ringing and more cases for me each and every day. I quit my job and this was an opportunity to start my own law firm. It was an opportunity to shine the lights on lawyers who were losers and make them winners. This was the best day in my life when I started my own law firm. There were many cases for me and I never let any of my clients down. I became a successful man and also employed some lawyers and taught them how to deal with those cases and they became perfect.

I was not only the talk on the show, an inspiration to many young lawyers, but also a super model to the entire world. Many people have come telling me that, they like to be successful in life like me. I encourage them to love their work with a passion and to be determined while doing it. I love my job and I am glad.

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