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The Navy: My Life, My Career, My Reward

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Joining the Navy is one of the greatest achievements that any person can have. A good experience in Navy can delightfully organize the future of an individual through exceptional financial inducement, vast potential in the form of career opportunities and a good lifestyle that individuals struggle hard to achieve. There are more than sufficient reasons to join Navy; the benefits are endless since it provides an individual with all the opportunities of improving life conditions. Furthermore, it provides a person with a good opportunity of serving a country thus promoting democracy and freedom across the world. Despite the fact that the work is life threatening and difficult, the benefits of joining the Navy beat them (Cutler l2).

Joining the Navy does not mean that one is supposed to rest and save her or himself for the country; one should also expect some good returns since Navy is considered as one of the best employment providers. To start with, the Navy can fulfill a dream of learning anywhere that an individual wants. In addition, when an individual resigns from the Navy, the payment of fees does not stop. The Navy still pays up to sixteen hours of the institution that an individual has decided to attend. It is in this light that, a person can decide to join the Navy to be able to go beyond the limits of career choices. Financial constraints are responsible for limiting ones career choice. This is one of the best benefits of joining the Navy (Dolan 16).

Serving in the Navy can sometimes prove to be a difficult job, therefore, due to its physical oriented activities, Navy offers an individual with enormous health benefits. The health benefits include a complete medical cover together with dental cover while one is in service. The health cover extends to one’s family members. It is not always easy to measure health in terms of cash hence this is a very valuable benefit. The Navy guarantees one of the finest health care services available in the nation for family members and the individual serving in the force. This can help an individual in saving the money that would otherwise go to health care services elsewhere (Dolan 42).

Monetary benefits are one of the things that attract many individuals to join the Navy. The salary that an officer in the Navy receives is one of the most alluring pay packages in the world today. Amazingly, according to statistics of the salary of United States Navy, the normal range of the salary of an officer in the navy lies between $80, 000 to $120,000. Furthermore, Navy employees benefit from housing allowances and incentives, food allowances, and uniform benefits. This salary range can be very helpful to a life of any individual, and it can improve the lives of many. In addition, serving in the navy does not mean that one serves only aboard a ship, one can even serve on land (Cutler 22).

In conclusion, an individual would have these great benefits upon joining the navy. For anyone who is eager to do something that is commendable and live honorably, then joining the Navy is the way to go. It also offers one with job security while serving the country. Furthermore, it provides an individual with leadership opportunities through regular promotions. Individuals are able to equip themselves with different skills such as effective communication, motivation skills, and training skills. These skills are not only important for effective leadership; however, they also offer guidelines for a day-to-day life of an individual. In joining the Navy, one can build a lifetime career that many would admire.

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