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American Born Chinese

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American Born Chinese written by Jene Yang is a great comic book that captures the reader’s attention from the very beginning by its unusual representation of the plot. One of the most interesting things I noticed is that the author focuses on such significant theme as racial identity issues, portraying a monkey as one of the main characters. To my mind, the author wants the society to pay more attention to the existing problems in order to eliminate injustice and violation of human rights.

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Monkey is a precise symbol of all people who suffer from racism, human bias, and stereotypes that reign over their minds and rule their relentless actions. The animal has all human features to struggle for freedom and recognition of his personality; thus, the author reveals that every creature deserves respect even if it looks different. The author portrays monkey as a king to define irony of life and its absurdness related to such a widespread idea that if your appearance differs from that of others, you must experience constant sufferings based on racism. Moreover, Jang indicates that the Monkey King does not possess any right to be at the celestial dinner party due to the fact that he is just a monkey. As a result, the Monkey King has an irresistible desire to prove to the whole world that he also deserves respect; he wants to show everyone that he is more than just an ordinary monkey.

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In conclusion, I believe that this protagonist resembles any person who needs to prove his/her identity to the society that follows stereotypes and bias. The majority of people like the Monkey King and are driven to transform their life through knowledge and sport, compelling others to recognize their race and culture. Thus, it is understandable that it does not matter what nationality you are, but it is important who you are in terms of your moral and spiritual values.

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