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Emotional Baggage of War

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This paper is all about the emotional impacts of the war to the people that were there during the times of the Vietnams wars and the impacts it had especially on the soldiers who directly participated in the war, this is according to the short story of Tim O'Brien. Named “The Things They Carried” and a poem by Emily Donut Dolly a woman who served in the Vietnam War.

Theme is the way the author relays his ideas to the reader and after scrutinizing these pieces I have come to find out that all the literally pieces demonstrate the theme of war, violence,  love, death and sympathy as it is depicted from the actions, behaviors and setting in the two literally pieces (Madden, 57).

In the short story the author emphasizes mostly on the war, and he was a soldier on the war were he tells us on each and every action that happened in the battle field as the way the soldiers were and felling towards the war and in the poem the author was telling us on her actions towards ending the war, the similarities of the pieces is were the authors talked about the soldiers and the military weapons they had during the period and the grief they have when a member of there squad is killed by the enemy.

The differences is that in the short story the author is talking from the view of a soldier because he explains how the events unfolds in the battle field when in war or they are resting at night and what there commandant is implementing his duties whereas in the poem the poet is taking the view of a peace keeper some one who is out to restore peace in the war region and also to restore hope to the soldiers.

In both the poem and short story uses some literally elements are used to demonstrate the theme of war both the poet and the narrator uses the element of Exposition this is were both the writers use some materials to give us a setting that we are at war in Vietnam and this is were they use characters that are soldiers, they use weapons such as guns they have also used site as bushy places to give the reader a perception that the story is all about war (Dollie, 1992).

The writers have also used the element of symbolism were the authors use a given object that has a given meaning in real life as this helps them to set the theme and also aid In the continuity of the story that helps in transition of the events that happen in both the literally pieces.

They have also used Literal and figurative language in there works, this are words that don’t represent their real defined meaning as they exaggerate the actions of the actual object this actions result in figure of speech.

The literally elements in the articles are alike in the case of exposition where the writers give a certain setting in and objects in there articles for the short stories the author mention gun as used in the story “In addition to the three standard weapons-the M-60, M-16, and M-79-they carried whatever presented itself” in the story by Tim O’Brien and in the poem the poet uses words like “I flew to desolate fire bases filled with the tools of war and the men who used them” in the poem this gave the reader the illusion that the stories we all about war (O'Brien, 2010).

The use of symbolism in the articles is also used as literally elements in the articles in the short story the author uses the dream Lit cross of flying birds that in the real effect they were planes to fly the soldiers out of the war country. Were as in the poem the writer describes herself as an object that is out to console and give hope to the soldiers.

The similarities in the articles reveal more about the topic as the characters in the articles aim are soldiers that want to keep themselves alive and also look after there brother as they consider themselves as brothers as they all relate to there brothers because of the things they carry on there back.

Both the literature used relate to the “Emotional baggage of war. “as both the writers have used an atmosphere of war in a way that they showed how the characters care for each other and they feel the pinch whenever they loose a part of them they therefore opt to take great care of the other because if any thing happens to there counterpart they will have to carry the blame and guilt for not being able to protect there friend

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