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Literature and Community

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This essay reflects how literature has reflected the community basing on effects of individuals on society. Literature reveals the community along with individuals in the society in terms of time, tradition, surroundings, position and believes at that juncture (Writinghood, 2009). It uses language to show how it is like to be in a particular condition and the culture of the community other than analyzing the conditions in the community. This helps literature to generate the felling that relates and reflect communities. Some terms and texts used in literature aid the reader to comprehend and depict the society being read.

Literature looks at the values and ideals of the community as it occurs in ones own social environment contained by cultural vacuum. To reflect the society, values and ideas explored in the art to convey logic of perception to a community shown in the art (Terri, 2008). Some core principles held or ideas rejected by character’s drive and actions. The author uses literature as a tool to either criticize or asses cultural believe system and gauge what is and what should be hence literature is a mirror for the author and the society to get enumerations of writing.

Literature reflects how people in the community respect or disrespect each other, hence literature use people as symbols for larger issues that face the community at the time, believe and location of writing (Villatoro, 2008). This is reflected in themes also reflect the importance of religion and the type of people who life in the community which may be reflected through the reaction of issues affecting the poor people.

In conclusion different views have been expressed on how literature reflects the community and how the individuals and society affect each other because every one sees life in his or her on way same applying to literature for instance people reading a novel or poetry are influenced differently.

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