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On The Pulse of Morning - Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou is a renowned Poet who first come publicly and proclaimed a national celebrity after presenting the poem in 1993 during President Clinton’s inauguration. The poem was tailored to state her emotions and thoughts during the celebrations of the Presidents victory after a highly contested election. It also embraced the spirit of the huge congregations which had turn up for the occasion. The main theme of the poem was about the opportunity and hope which United State had under the leadership of Bill Clinton as compared to the country historical leadership over the years. During the presentation of the poem was inspiring to the gathering by explaining the moment as a new beginning “On the Pulse of Morning”  the poem related heavily on changes which come with time, role of diversity in development of United states and the way forward and equality.

Diversity was well represented in the poem to show how United States has different races which were listed in the fourth and fifth stanza of the poem. She stated that all the different races were very much united by the nature although their cultural backgrounds are different. However, despite of the differences they have being united and elected a leader who will be able to lead the country to achieve its long awaited goals and good leadership which is not descriptive.

She as well incorporated aspect of history in United States and how it has changed over the years. She emphasized on how the element of the society has changed over the years due to leadership which was not visionary and the mistake which were done by previous leadership.

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