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Langston Hughes's poetry

Langston Hughes is most recognized for his work about Harlem. Harlem was a black district, and people living in this place faced daunting challenges that made their lives almost unbearable. Hughes’ poetry discusses this place, the challenges and reactions of people to misfortunes, including the reaction of the government in relation to the aforementioned confrontation (Hughes, Rampersad, Hubbard, and Sanders 49). As such, his work (poetry) becomes an embodiment of the plight of the people living in Harlem; indeed, in reference to the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes remarks that the Negroes were in vogue (Allen, Rideout, and Robinson 37). This meant that the Negro condition in America was exacerbated, full of resentment and racial prejudice.

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Yet Do I Marvel?

This poem is in the form of a sonnet. This is because the poem is divided into quatrains and the concluding part is a couplet. The poem talks of the immortality of God. Moreover, this literary work describes the faith the poet has in God. He says that “God, were He to come to the world, would explain such things as to why the mole goes blind, why Tantalus is left unsatisfied.” However, God has an explanation to all of these things. The poet also wonders why God created him black to face suffering. The expression of faith is also evident because the writer can sing, yet he is black. This explains the wonders of God.

The Gilded Sixbits

Zora Neale Hurston faced many challenges in her education, but she chose a career path that reflected her interests and inclinations. As a result, she became a pre-eminent writer in literary circles, continually producing brilliant works. Zora Neale Hurston was abandoned by her father, and she struggled until she had her education. This is reflected in the short story The Gilded Sixbits in that the story features a couple that gets challenges in the marriage that almost ends (Bloom 71). However, they are reconciled, and happiness in their marriage is restored. In the same way, the author is happy during her childhood, but she confronts a plethora of problems as an adult. Finally, she is happy after the success is achieved.

Mr. Flood's Party

The protagonist’s name in this poem is extremely significant. He is drinking alone, though his name is Party. The protagonist recollects the times when friends would open the door for him, eat together and celebrate. However, the times have changed, and these friends are no longer there. Henceforth, the protagonist is left in a solitary mood, eating and drinking alone.

Frost’s Modernism

Frost’s poetry reflects works that have both traditional and modern touches. However, his works present modern times more than they the old days. For instance, Pan with Us is a poem that deals with the modern world. This literary piece embraces the touch of modern poetry, and it seems to disregard the old mythological creatures of poetry; it embraces the modern conceptions of poetry (Lakritz 90).

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Home Burial

Although the wife blames the husband for the torture that she has to endure, none of the protagonists in Home Burial is to blame for the situation. This is because the husband was doing his duty in burying the dead child. He did not know that the wife was watching from the window. Apparently, the wife suffered to a great extent since she thought that the husband was very composed and did not feel the loss for the child (Frost and Hitchcock 46).

Frost’s Ideas of Work

Two Tramps in Mud-Time and Birches are two poems that discuss about work (Frost and Lathem 82). The first poem discusses the need to balance pleasure and work since the two must work without affecting each other so as to produce good results. The second poem tells people not to despair but work hard and get what they do not have.

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