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Questions-Answers: Chance Games

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1. Identify the primary games offered in most casinos. List each of the primary games and describe their purpose.

The most casinos are believed to be famous for the games that fall into the following categories: cards games, dice games and random numbers games. The most famous card game is poker, the main goal of which is not to show the real reactions and win by deceiving. Another famous game is red dog, which is now mainly played in online casinos. This game is very similar to poker. Among the dice games, one can distinguish games like, for example, chuck-a-luck, which is aimed at gaining the most points out of the three dice which are generally used for the gaming process. Roulette is one of the most popular random numbers casino games, and it is supposed to be a chance game, where everything is dependable on the numbers and colors which are the signs of the win or loss. As a consequence, all the casino games, on the one hand, are just chance games. Additionally to what has already been claimed, it is necessary to note that classical casinos tend to use the classical games and their versions, because they possess the well elaborated system of gaining money from the process. It means that in some way this is the way to make the gamer lose.

2. Name three casino games that are pure chance and three games that involve an element of skill. Explain why each is a game of pure chance or a game involving some skill.

The casino games are thought to be divided into two types: the purely skill games and the purely chance games. The chance games are represented mainly by the following ones: Red Dog, Chuck-a-luck and Big Six Wheel. These games are generally perceived as pure games of chance, since everything depends on the probability of which card or dice will be released, and this fact determines the number of points and percentage of participation, which likely leads to winning (Hashimoto 251). The skill games, i.e. the games which are impossible to be successfully played without the knowledge and skills required for that. Such games include the following: Big Six, Craps and Casino War. All these games require the knowledge of strategies and possession of skills which would, on the one hand, contribute to the successfully played matches, and, on the other hand, will connect the game of chance and the abilities a gamer possesses to fight his/her rivalries. In addition, a great number of players are convinced that fortune is not that thing which always leads to the win – as well as the skills and tactics often do not guarantee the successfully played game. Here, in most cases, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that these two approaches have to be united in order to get the highest level of income from the casino. Every casino, in its turn, has to be aware of the strategies and tactics the gamers might have, so they can be predicted and used in a proper way for a casino to have benefits and income.

3. Thoroughly explain how mathematics governing the games generates revenues.

This does not seem to be a secret that casino – since it is connected with the money affairs – is tightly controlled by mathematics and formulas it produced. The knowledge of mathematics and the ability to analyze leads the gamer to a win, and by this it generates the incomes of the gamers. However, there is another side of the situation. The more winners appear, the more games will take place, the more chance for a casino to have their money back. In addition to this, such mathematics necessary-to-know operations are as follows: first of all, basic probability, secondly, ability to count the house advantage. All these operations tend to influence the outcomes of the game. Moreover, the usage of mathematics formulas and theory leads to the shortage of risk and decreases the number of loses. In conclusion, mathematics is one of the key principles being used in the games to get the most of the benefit from the process. This is generally applied to both, gamers and the casino. The scholars – especially mathematicians – are convinced that the mathematicians' mind set enables them to earn money in casinos, since they are aware of the strategies, theory and formulas which have been created to permit them to apply them in a proper way. However, there are researchers who do not support this idea, and claim that casinos are the business, and they are aware of all the operations which might have been committed, so they would never permit using the maths achievements in this case. In other words, they have taken it into consideration, and have their own tools to take it over.

4. Ignoring poker and sports betting, which games generally have the largest and which have the smallest overall house advantages? Name three of each.

The games having the largest house advantage are generally as follows: Big six, where the house advantage is up to 25%; another game is Casino War, where the house advantage is up to 19%; and Keno, which possesses the house advantage of more than 25%. The smallest overall house advantage is possible to be regarded in such games as Pai Gow (approximately 1.5%); Super Fun 21 (about 0.94%), and Catch a Wave which has 0.50%.

5. What precisely does it mean to say that a wager has a house advantage of two percent (2%)?

Indeed, the casinos tend to have various percentage of the house advantage. In general, it means that the wager is not able to get the house advantage of more than two percent (2%) in this case. In other words, the percentage of money being won cannot be exceed for more than two percent from the sum. This means that it is better to take part in the games which have a bigger house advantage.

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