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Questions-Answers: Internet

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Question 1

How and why can eyePlorer be helpful for you to get more efficient at school?

To begin with, I am resolved to extend my scope for creativity. In order to succeed in writing essays I will definitely take advantage of eyePlorer, an educational digital tool based on Wikipedia. It aims at equipping students with an immediate facility to search a reference term or to cross-reference a number of them. In other words, eyePlorer is an efficient visual guide for those with a creative type of mind. Its function is to enable the writer to brainstorm ideas and form associations between the facts in a highly productive manner. With eyePlorer, I will have a chance to dig deeper as it can find, collect, analyze and combine essential pieces of information. Another advantage is that the tool allows the person to compile a set of relevant notes and keep track of one's research. As a result of using eyePlorer, I will get food for thought and illustrative examples that are sure to be useful in the process of writing an essay.

Question 2

How and why can Tokbox enhance your effectiveness and efficiency at school?

It strikes me that Tokbox offers the best video communication platform that enables to arrange a debate or integrating collaboration with the individual's fellow students and teachers. The Web 2.0 tool provides several modes of interaction, for example, many-to-many live conferences, video email messages, and shared spaces for creating or editing a text together with other students and instructors. Taking into consideration that I prefer to work as part of a team, my learning activities may become more effective with Tokbox. I believe that with Tokbox teams will get direct problem-solving results. I would also like to keep an interactive learning diary in order to email video summaries of my academic progress to the teachers and fellow students. I do hope that their constructive feedback and comprehensive assessment arranged as one-to-one or many-to-many live conferences will significantly increase my efficiency, especially if I get them on a regular basis.

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