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A Greater Appreciation for Music and Musicianship

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The essay is a reflection upon what I have learnt about music in this semester. Issues addressed as I reflect include the keyboard, notation, the staff and melody, clef, major scale, key signature, minor scales, intervals, triads and the dominant seventh chord, introduction to rhythm and meter, cadences. Additionally, the essay evaluates/examines how this knowledge has made me to gain more appreciation for music as well as musicianship. Musicianship can be ranged from amateur to professional who are employed by big corporation. The definition of music have puzzled musical analyst and experts, debate about the real definition of this term has brought about division with scholars and experts of this course. However, the formal definition of this term is articulated to be a form of art which mainly focuses on sound as the subjective medium. The documented elements of music are exemplified to be pitch (melody and harmony), rhythm (meter, tempo and articulation), dynamics and texture and timbre. However, the definition usually varies because of the diversity nature in cultures and social context as echoed by l mouth (pp, 109). 

Musical Concept

From the periodicals and the lectures from the musical classes that I have attended throughout the semester, there has been a great transformation in my life and the concept which music now has on my life. Thus this elucidation has explicitly exemplified the musical notation in all genres of music and also in the historical periods. Thus I have known that the musical notation of earlier period required that a huge contextual knowledge on diverse performing styles. Thus the exciting concept on this performance is that musician that mostly performed in vast solo performance, usually had to adapt unadorned melody.  In recent musical scenes all that the musicians are required to have basic knowledge of is the proper use tempo changes, accentuation, and pause. Thus more advancement of music has brought about the concept of having to gain knowledge of diverse marking and notation so as to be bale to be in tune with the rhythm of the piece of music being performed (Scholes, 156).    

Music Theory

The fun part which has engulfed music theory during the whole semester was the acknowledgement part which covers the mechanic and nature of music. Through this acknowledgement which involved us to the identification of the different patterns which governs the composer techniques and analysis of the musical language and notation. The music theory actualized on exemplifying facts of music such as elaborative evaluation of parameters or elements of music, rhythm, melody, form, texture and structure. Along this line the concept of the usage of diverse equipment in the musical notation such as keyboard and guitar, was also clearly elaborated as noted by Machlis and Forney (pp, 89). This fact enabled the students not only me to further generate a renewed sense of musical understanding.  

The sensation in every beat, rhythm and pitch was brought into oneness with the subjective musical sensation. Now am able to measure bars and regular pulse in songs as his was animated instilled through the lectures on meter tutorial during the semester, in the course of the musical study? How different equipment effects music were generally elucidated and each musical piece well expounded on and the tones and pitch well elucidated upon (Hamilton, 122).   


The whole semester has been worth every second of the time spent in the lecture halls. Every lecture exemplified facts about music which has brought oneness with my mind and soul with music. Now I understand the concept which people utterly announce without much realization that “music is life.”

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