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Campus Response to a Student Gunman

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This article is about a study which was done by Kelly Asmussen and John Creswell after an alarming increase in campus violence. It is a qualitative type of study because it tries to explore the conduct, attitude and experiences of university students, and of the campus security and administration. This type of research attempts to get detailed views from participants, and extracting information from them takes a longer time. The research topic is ‘how campuses react to various incidences of violence within their premises.’ The study touches on every person within the campus premises. Those who took part in the study include: members of the administration, students and the campus employees. Several researches on this topic have been carried out in the past and most of them have portrayed that there have been various concerns on the issue of security within campuses which have been neglected, or shown little interest (Asmussen, 1995).

The research problem is about the issue insecurity within campus premises, and so the study seeks to establish better ways of dealing with this issue. Statistics indicate that gun-related violence is on the increase especially within campuses. Even though campus administrations and the police usually act speedily by taking drastic measures after such incidences occur, they fail to take preventive measures so as to avoid a repeat of the same. The researchers in this study collected data mainly through personal interviews. They asked the participants in-depth questions and their views on a one to one basis. The main subject matter which is evident in this study is that of insecurity. Campuses have increasingly become insecure over the years. A student cannot guess the intentions of his/her fellow colleagues and hence most of them live in fear all the time. Another theme that is brought out clearly in this article is negligence. Indeed, this is illustrated by the fact that students can come to class armed with guns. Campuses need to come up with a system where weapons are kept out of the school compound. The research question acts as a guide, it seeks answers to the topic on security concerns within various universities (Asmussen, 1995).

This study suggests that campus administrators and relevant security organs should act fast when issues of insecurity arise within the campus. The campus police must be able to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators very fast, while the administration should deal with the aftermath in a manner that will prevent future occurrences of the same problem. For example, the administration should try and counsel the affected students, or suspend the culprits from school. However, it is unfortunate that most campuses are not equipped to prevent such ingenious acts. Beneficiaries of this study

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