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Sometimes life proves so interesting and some events are unforgettable; making this memorable moments last a lifetime through recording them is more interesting. Having gone through a long day the encounters experience can teach one much more than they expected. For that reason writing it down is an interesting pastime to me. There are those days where one wishes they are over while sometimes one wishes the moments last forever. When these moments are documented then u will be amazed when one day u start reading the experiences and start laughing out loud on your own while at times you cry with a lot of sympathy wishing it happened differently.

Hiking can be fun to those who love and enjoy it however at times it bring with it challenges that make one realize that the prize is for only those who overcome. I and my friends organized a hike to go and explore the African continent. This was no easy task and lucky enough we learnt of an expedition known as the presidential awards that toured the harsh terrains of the Kenyan forests in a park known as hells gate (Hodd, 2002). The name itself describes the place perfectly as my experience in the park never fell short of it.

My arrival in Kenya made me realize how friendly the people are with the different cultures all blended together and living together in harmony. As we went on we met the men who were to lead us in the hiking who were retired military personnel. We were given all the instructions and materials and we were set to explore the park. Warning were however given about dangerous animals especially snakes and buffalo that may be on our way. We were given maps and map coordinates that we were to use to cruise through the park and end up to the other side overcoming all dangers.

We had a good group and as we set out with our map and compass we eventually lost way and landed in the grazing field. This was as a result of placing magnets near the compass which gave the wrong directions. This terrified all the members of the groups since they were all tired to go back and start again. As we pondered on the next move disaster struck when a huge snake appeared behind us; this made a lady in the group faint instantaneously.

Lucky enough the snake slipped through the trees and disappeared; by this time the buffaloes were alerted of the actions happening where we were. One of them started approaching our directions. It took one brave young man to scare the herd of buffaloes away with a technique we had been taught in the instructions. He flipped over his bag removed some metal plate and clapped them together. I could not believe seeing the buffaloes run away.

As we made our way through the remaining journey since we used the path created by the buffaloes I was always on the look out of anything and everything that sounded made my hair rise in fear. That was an unforgettable experience and as we reached the other side as the first group I realized that in life everything is possible; it only takes a few steps of courage which will make other ways open up.

I learnt many virtues as I headed back home such as courage, unity, helping others, creativity, observing instructions, paying close attention to deals and never to panic in life. This experience is special to me since it made me not only explore different lands and learn about different cultures, but also realize myself and build confidence.

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