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This paper discloses positions of the presidential candidates Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney on education. Addressing Mitt Romney’s perspective, he pays tribute to the act “No Child Left Behind”, which supports teacher’s evaluation and standardized tests in schools. Romney claims that such methods assist to control the well-funded and powerful teachers union.

Romney’s aspiration is that education should be held at the state and local levels through supporting the federal requirement, such as teacher’s evaluations, to be part of the system. He adds that schools should dismiss tutors whose students fail to improve to meet the standards. Romney accuses the union of teachers in blocking innovation in education. He claims that the teachers practice non-traditional teaching options with an intention to make profit. Romney’s insight on education is to prioritize school choice, accountability in schools, and cyber schools (Cuban 33). 

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Romney condemns the top executives of the teachers’ union for doing nothing to promote reform in education and wants to return teachers and parents to be in charge of education. Romney claims that he supports increase in teacher’s salary, but first schools should make it conditional upon appraisal.

On the other hand, the position of Barrack Obama on education is demonstrated in his program named “Race to the Top”. This program rewards counties that comply with national educational standards and provide initiatives, which assist in improving the performance of the charter schools with poor accomplishments. However, the union of teachers criticizes the issue of sustaining charter schools and the approach of standardized tests. Obama’s position on education is best observed when he funds Pell grants, which erase banks from the students’ federal loans program.

This makes it easier for students to receive loans from the government directly at a low interest rate. Obama considers the opportunity to get loans from the government to be beneficial for students, because it guarantees that loan payouts would not to exceed ten percent of their income. In addition, students who lack cash to pay on time have a period of over twenty years to fulfill their debts.

However, as much as the government loans are beneficial for students, there are incidents when students who are about to graduate find it hard paying the loans because of a bad economy. This has a bad implication as it makes a large number of students worry about their future and ability to secure their jobs. This is evident in the study carried out by Senator Rick Santorum on Brookings Institution, which states that graduates from high schools get full-time jobs. If they decide to marry and have their firstborn, this reflects that the probability of staying in poverty will be 2 percent (Vaillant 105).

On the contrary, if such incidents do not take place, it means that 76 percent of the graduates will live in poverty after finishing their studies. To make education effective in society, the country needs to place a new direction in federal policy. Focusing on the years when Romney was a leader in the states office, students used to perform excellently in subjects such as mathematics. Students often held the top scores across the nation. There is a need to raise the testing standards in schools instead of weakening to improve the education system.

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To give the education system a boost, students also need to graduate from high schools with high performance in mathematics, English, and science subjects. This is Romney’s perspective on education in brief. It is worth support because it provides certain benefits to students such as merit scholarships. Students who benefit are those who perform excellently; the top 25 percent from each high school gets free four-year tuition with the help of Abigail Adams and John scholarships. It is evident that the teacher union does not support these reforms in education, especially the idea of charter schools. This calls for citizens to note the benefits of charters schools to kids in a different section of the state such as Los Angeles, Harlem, and Boston.

Charter schools are significant in this country because they offer children a chance to upgrade their study performance, which they could be denied in failing schools. For instance, Romney cites Kenny Gambles Charter School in Philadelphia, which succeeds because of embracing knowledge as a part of its power program. This entails that to acquire a stable education system in the country, the society should be ready to accept working with charter schools to increase students’ performance. To embrace such changes in society, it is necessary to appoint leaders with perspective on education such as Romney’s to enhance the bright future for students in the United States.

The success of charter schools has made politicians find something positive when credit to this education initiative. The implementation of these education reforms requires more actions than talk, which Romney exhibits as a governor when he stood against the bill that blocked charter schools. This is evident when Romney joined the Black Legislative Caucus that assisted him to preserve his veto. This step enhances the reopening of charter schools, involving those located in urban center’s neighborhood.
Romney’s view on the education reforms also makes him a good presidency candidate. He stands firm on his claim about reforms and avoids joining groups that blocks them. Romney acts as the voice of students in disadvantaged public schools. This is evident when he avoids protecting individual interests of the teachers’ union by supporting charter schools. Romney can make a decent president judging from his views in education reforms, and his firm stand that will not allow groups with other interests to convince him to abandon his position.

The idea to allow low-income parents with needy kids to choose where their children will be taught gives Romney a good chance of becoming a president of the country. This implies that the federal education links the funds to students for the first time in the American history. This permits parents to send them to public, charter, and private schools they desire, and Romney provides excellent options for parents to choose from. The reforms suggested by Romney also offer children and workers the skills they need to succeed in life. Romney aims for success in public education, where he gives highest priority to children, teachers, and parents and ignores the agenda of the teachers’ union (Long 145).

On the other hand, the education reforms articulated by other leaders, such as support of standardized tests and teacher evaluation, does not improve on the education system of this country. Instead, they only protect the interests of the teachers’ union, which make the state lag behind in education. In addition, the issue of students’ access to loans directly from the government makes it difficult for most students to graduate by completing their degree. This is because by the time most schools are approaching graduation, students already have loan payouts due, which does not let them graduate.

It is beneficial for the state members to embrace Romney’s idea to bring reforms in education. Supporting school charters has a potentially significant effect on the performance of students who receive full scholarships after completing high school education. It is essential for citizens to consider electing Mitt Romney with strong belief in the future of education in the United States.

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