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Electrical Engineering and Looking at Different Career Opportunities

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This paper seeks to address career opportunity in job market for electrical engineers. As we all know, the economy is growing at an immense rate and therefore, there are developments each day that are meant to upgrade the infrastructure. This is a current trend that has attracted scientists from all over the world, but it faces several setbacks in terms of developing systems that can have advanced traits such as reasoning, planning, learning, perception and ability to carryout fine motor skill. In the contemporary world, electrical engineering has a wide range of career opportunity in building the infrastructure. The trend has greatly transformed the manufacturing industry by increasing the output.


Electrical engineering is a field of study whereby the physics of energy such as electricity is learnt. Collaboration of information technology and electrical engineering has bonded and created a wider range of career opportunities. Information strategies and management is more than just technology. It is all about creation of information systems in businesses processes. However, it is also important to note that, information management is broadly developed with the rise in the level of technology. Through new technology techniques, the information management has been improved in companies and organizations and therefore, creates job opportunities.

Literature review

The development of systems in the modern world has a significant impact in the lives of people. These impacts can both be intended and unintended and, some can be harmful while others useful. The invention and implementation of systems changes the lives of people by interfering with their realities and expectations. As system developers develop new systems every day, the question is whether they should be held responsible for the consequence of their inventions or not. With the rights and freedom attached to every person in the world toady, it would be easy to leave the developers with no blame as people are free to us the inventions or not use. In this discussion we look at various technological inventions and their ethical implication. We then analyze whether the designers need to worry about these implications.

The systems being developed every day also have some detrimental effects which are normally small but accumulate over time; these effects could have extremely harmful effects in the long run, for instance, each automobile releases a very small amount of pollution, almost negligible, but when it is combined for thousands of automobiles in use today and over time, global warming cannot be controlled. Another example is the chemical pollutants that accumulate in the human body slowly every day which can cause death eventually. In such cases, designers and analysts need to be concerned of such effects and devise news systems with minimal pollution if none at all.

Technological inventions have helped individuals and companies amplify their ability, strength, strategic advantage over other human beings. Strategic advantage has been gained by companies who have embraced technological inventions and have thus expanded rapidly. This has led to expansion and growth of such companies over those that still hold on the traditional means of productions. Technological inventions have also earned many individuals considerable influence in the world.

Research methodology

The methodology for this research project will assist in providing information needed to meet the research objectives, and answer the overall project aim.


For this project, sampling will be carried out including all members of the population. This is hugely crucial as it avoids biased results. For this research, “convenience” and “non-probability” sampling will be used. This research design acknowledges that the convenience sampling method and relatively small size of sample makes it difficult to generalize the study’s results, however, the results will be meaningful as part of an exploratory study, possibly leading to further explanatory research in the future. In addition to limited time, financial and human resources make it unfeasible to employ other, larger, sampling techniques.

Qualitative Data Research

The benefits of qualitative data research are enormous; one of the major benefits of this research method is that is allows the researcher to engage the sources of information both as the audience of the research and as the focus of the research. This ensures an involvement in the subject matter as one can gain knowledge directly from them.


Questionnaires will also be included in the qualitative methods, in case of impossibility of interviews or if the interviews do not deliver as is expected. A questionnaire can be defined as a research tool that is made up of a written list of questions that are designed to collect data that can be subsequently used for analysis. Questionnaires will help meet the objective of this project because of the nature of the project; questionnaires are very productive when used to study a large number of respondents.

Analysis methods

The data obtained will be analyzed both during and after the collection process. The analysis will be carried out to ensure that key areas of the research are presented to agencies that are willing to sponsor the project. It is not wise to wait until all the data is collected to analyze it; data should be reviewed during collection and initial analyses initiated.


In conclusion, we have identified the various impacts on technology and systems on the lives of people across the world. According to McDavid & Echaore-McDavid, technology seems to develop autonomously progressing with a force that is beyond human resistance. He says that human beings have the urge to expand their knowledge and thus cannot resist the temptation of new technologies. Human kind will always seek new invention, renovate the existing ones or invent new ones themselves thus the designers and analysts will not be entirely to blame for the ethical implications of all inventions. People should venture in the field of electrical engineering since the chances of securing employment are high.

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