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Nature of Thoughts

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Nature of Thoughts

Many theories have been formulated to help define thoughts, but a simple definition has not yet been found; thus for the purpose of this paper thought is defined as a process in which a person uses the abilities of his or her mind to carefully consider things. The thinking process can be affected by several factors including the way one is raised, race, personal experience, emotions, age and gender. The thinking process is often a process that combines observations, reading as well as listening where information gathering triggers the thinking process where an individual is able to use his or her brain to evaluate the information hence enabling making of decision to be done.

For anyone to gain an understanding of the nature of thought the various facets of thinking must be looked into in a more elaborate way. The nature of thought can be explored by discussing the related process of memory, sensing process as well as the medium. In this context memory being defined as a mental function of being able to retain information about ideas, stimulus long after the removal of the original stimuli. Memory is dependent on mental capacity hence the greater the mental capacity the greater the retentions capabilities of the brain. In addition to that person’s though process can be hindered by certain perpetual thoughts, personal barriers and blocks.

One of the significant process that can be used to understand the nature of thought is the sensing process and it’s significant is attributed to the fact that without the role played by senses one is unable to think assist the sense that help in stimulation of the brain. In order for a person to think and have thoughts about the different situation, one must utilize the sense of smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing and touching of diverse things that are found in our environment. Another component essential in the thinking process is the  memory which is very important as memories act a means by which the brain is able to define information stored from past experiences which forms an crucial part when it comes to the though process.

The five common senses help in providing visual images that allows the brain to perceive the information gathered enabling deciphering through the process of thinking. For instance, when one walks to a kitchen door and one smells of the cooking food, the brain start to think about the preparations expected before one is ready to eat e.g. cleaning of hands and so forth. The memory process makes the brain to comprehend past thought thus enabling it to form the future. The last content that is required for the thinking process is the medium by which all the other component of thinking gets transferred to the brain. This is represented by language without which a person cannot be in a position of interpreting or even articulating the information essential in the thinking or remembering process. The structures of language perceptions act as the catalyst of thought.

Languages plays a significant role in limiting or fostering expression of thought is a medium through which one expresses thought to other people and this is attributed to the fact that language command gives one’s ability to expressing of ideas in a clear and simple manner which rhetoric being used to lay emphasis. Also, language has an inevitable connection with culture and ethnic heritage thus serving to enrich one experience of life while at same time limiting expression as it’s built in such way that language can work. Language can therefore cause pressure on analysis bias as various languages have various structural differences thus influencing building of thoughts as well as thoughts themselves as one has to be cautious not to be taken out of context while expressing one’s ideas and thoughts. Therefore through expression is directly proportional to one’s knowledge of their language hence therefore educated one’s pertains to language use, the more effective one is able to express his or her thoughts.

The thought process can be manipulated by perception and this is attributed to the fact that the sensing process involves more than just relying of thought thus a person must be able to sharpen his or her senses such that he or she can easily distinguish what might be really happening. This is very important as what is perceived does not necessarily make sense hence  sharpening of such perceptions enables better delivery of information gathered to the brain hence accurate observations and getting facts right is very crucial in the process. It’s therefore clear that for one to ground his or her thinking one must perceive behind false faces and beyond appearance and this is true considering the fact that our environment is comprised of diverse cultures and backgrounds that requires attention to differentiate.

My perceptual process involves the epiphany of divorce where I initially thought that divorce is what  the society has acculturated upon me but following an experience with divorce I realized that no problem existed with that relationship as one perceive that everything was alright and percent as the family is decided of major crises and conformation. Contrary to that perception, the reality of the situation is that given divorces was the ultimate alterative means that such relationship was already on the rocks as reality was inclined by working more on other issues like work as opposed to working on the marriage and the difference between the perception and reality was basically intertwined in what society has cultured in me.

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