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North America

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North America is one of the continents found on the northern part of the American continent. Geographically it is situated on the northern hemisphere of the earth and on the western hemisphere. The continent is found to be bordered by five water body masses. They are; the Arctic Ocean is on its north, North Atlantic Ocean on its east. The Caribbean Sea on its southern part, the North Pacific Ocean on its west and the southeast which lies on the south of America. 

The continent is said to be covering an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers which is mathematically approximately 4.8 percent its surface area on earth. Further details show that the land area is about 16.5 percent in the land area. Demographically, it is estimated to have a population of about 529 million people of its population. In comparison to other continents, it’s the third largest continent compared to the other continents like the earth, South America and Asia. Its population size also ranks it fourth with the largest population after the other top continents like that of Asia, Africa and Europe.

The continent America is said to have been named after one of the great Italian explorers who was referred to as amerigo Vespucci, it was named by the German cartographer martin walderseemiller and his counterpart Matthias Ringmann. The explorer is believed to have explored the continent between the years 1497 and 1502. Later on in the year 1908, Alfred e Hudd suggested the changing of the initial name of the continent after a Walsh merchant who was referred to as Richard America from Bristol. Characterized by what the humanity knows about geologic time, the continent has varieties of living creatures like the dinnoousours that have never been seen on other land. Paleontologists like peter Dodson claim the presence of these particular animals is aggravated by the climate and geography, human resources and history and t5he statigraphy. The continents topography is characterized by the surviving crops in the many arid regions within its surroundings. 

The writer looks at the proving of the North American origin. The writer reveals the in the writings that the north American continent development strategies or the growth aspects of the continent. The writer outlines a series of developments for instance in agricultural sector and other advancements in the cultural sectors. For instance, the development of the writing in the North American continent is developed by the Maya civilization.  The Maya civilization is also seen to be behind the development of the huge pyramids and the temples that did exist. The writer also explains in his book about the decline in the populations sustainably for reasons of the introduction of the diseases in America where most of the American natives had no immunity against the diseases. From the writer’s assertion, some cultures of the Native Americans were drastically changing which did not leave behind the political affiliation to the Native American populations. Change within this continent also affected the culture of the native North Americans. Fro the writer’s assertion, we are able to identify the reasons for the extinction of the linguistic groups that did exist in those days. 

Geographically, the writer helps us to understand the position of the continent on earths surface. According to the book, the continents occupy the northern portion that has a landmass which was generally referred to as the new world. The writer describes the coastline as of the continent as long and irregular bordering the gulf Mexico which is said to be largest water mass and the Hudson Bay.

Demographically, the North American state is viewed by the writer to have had variety of languages with the likes of Spanish, English and the French languages. The writer thus introduces the term Anglo-American that perhaps is used in reference to the Anglophone countries like Canada and the Caribbean. Latin was used to refer to the Americas especially those from the southern part of the United States of America territory. It is in this writings that we are able to realize the origin of certain languages particularly the romance languages that are said to have been derived from the Latin of the Spanish and the Portuguese. According to the writer, the French language did significantly play a role in the North America and therefore maintains its image in the region.

North America is seen to present a well-defined rapport with the other entities they interact with. The writer asserts that the cultures of Canada and the united states were basically similar. Due to this, common economic cultures are seen today to be built between countries or nations that are developed and the historical and the strong economic status. According to the writer, America and Canada are the richest states and most developed states. Demographically, the writer reiterates that North America has diverse races and ethnic groups and these are the whites, the meztisos and the blacks who ere typically African Americans and the Afro Caribbean’s. There are also Asians and the natives Americans.

From the writer’s perspective, the writer explains the origin of the north America continent is just the same as the origin of other continents. Despite this, the rate at which the civilization in the continent taking is so fast that no one could imagine it. The writer feels that the country shifted its economic standards so fast and is leading those that are believed to have come before them. The writer is seen to take a theoretical approach in the presentation of the issues about America.

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