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Racism in America-Devil's Advice

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Upon the end of slavery, another social problem, known as racism, was ushered in the American society. This is a practice in which people are treated unequally based on the color of their skin or ethnic background. To exemplify, blacks were perceived as low class people, while whites were treated as extremely important people in the American society. Americans of white origin were considered superior and had an upper hand as opposed to their black counterparts. For instance, whites were awarded well paying jobs, while other races were receiving low paying jobs. Apart from that, racial discrimination played a role in creating a rift in the education sector. Black children attended schools that were of low quality and poorly equipped. On the other hand, white children were taken to prestigious schools. This implied that children from white schools accessed top-notch education that would later give them an upper hand in the realm of the job market. As a result of social discrepancies fueled by racism, many people were not amused by this dogma. In essence, the whole world joined hands to quell this monumental problem of racism. The federal government of the United States, for instance, has established policies that seek to abolish racism amongst its population. However, racism must be encouraged because it is a reflection of human diversity.

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While it is true that racism is being fought, people should understand that it is a noble practice. It feels satisfying to see people divided along their ethnic lines. In any case, there is no way a black and a white person can be equal. Yet, from the skin appearance, there is no similarity (Sears 45). The question pegs as to why a white and a black colored persons should be regarded equal. In essence, all should propagate racism due to the following three cardinal reasons. First, supporting racism shall ensure that jobs are offered depending on the skin color. In any case, under no circumstance can results of a black and a white be equal when working on a similar task. Secondly, racism at schools should be highly encouraged. This is ascribed to the fact that children of the whites require better preparation for future tasks while black children need no better preparation. In any case, black children shall end up executing low class jobs which are done by their parents. On the other hand, high technological jobs that require a keen mind, which is only possessed by the whites, shall be taken over by the white mens children. This is why better schools should be exclusive to white children. The final reason is that social events, such as games and sports, should be characterized by racism. This is the only way that can make sporting events and other social activities enjoyable.

Regarding the first point, it is a high time the federal government established policies which advocate racism. Apart from that, proper measures should be put in place to see racism propagated at places of work. As if that is not enough, all government and non-government agencies should take part in promoting this laudable activity of racism. More so, the federal government should ensure that each employer creates three classes of jobs within the working area. Easy but well-paid jobs should be set aside for whites. Medium jobs should be given to the colored people. Lastly, the most difficult jobs carried out in unfriendly conditions should be left for blacks. In any case, blacks are dark and no one can easily notice the bruises caused on their skins while working in harsh conditions. Apart from that, blacks are immune to various health hazards. It makes them the best creatures to work in harsh areas, such as mines. Basically, whites should deal with high-technology jobs. Blacks have got a lower intelligence quotient. Thus, they should not be allowed to work on tasks which require high skills. It is true that a highly learned black cannot execute a task that a standard white student can carry out. Of course, the skin color of white men gives them an upper hand in all endeavors that they participate in. Racial discrimination at work place has seen skilled blacks denied the chance to offer their skills. Apart from that, it has taken away their rights to better remunerations (Betancur & Cedric, 134). Nonetheless, man must live. That is why each individual is of great significance in the society. For instance, blacks should be available to get into the mines, and scour the ground for minerals. Colored people should take part in processing the mineral core to produce fine bars of minerals. Finally, the white people should take part in selling the products. With such an organized activity, one sees roles complimenting each other to complete a cycle.

It is also necessary to see the spirit of racism extend to children. Children should be made aware that racism is influential in the society. This is the only way racism can be propagated and passed to future generations. Even though the end of slavery brought about equality, there is no way a white child and a black child can share the same social amenities, such as schools and hospitals. Subjecting a black child to the lessons taken by white children is tantamount to torture since brain of a black child has got low capacity to grasp complex content. In that light, the federal government should draw a line between these two groups of children. It can be achieved by establishing schools exclusive to white children and those meant for black children. Different syllabuses should be taught in those schools. For instance, schools for white children should deal with complex studies which lead to white collar jobs. On the other hand, black children should be subjected to simple syllabuses that shall lead them to handy jobs, such as construction and plantation chores. This kind of practice has seen many black children denied the right to access proper education. Consequently, many have failed in life, since they were denied the chance to shape their future (Quintana & Clark, 234). Despite this unfortunate truth, such moves secure the future of the white majority in the US. In the recent past, there has been tight competition for lucrative jobs. The major competition emanates from blacks who have been radical in their search for well-paid jobs. To eradicate such competitions by blacks, black children should be denied the opportunity to access schools that could enable them to attain skills, which cause tight competition on the job market. In essence, no black or colored child should be allowed to access better education.

As far as social activities are concerned, there should be a line drawn to separate blacks from whites. It is really odd to see people of different colors taking part in a similar social event. It is impossible that different races can participate in a similar event, be it music event or sporting event. In any case, there has been no black person in the world who has done better than a white man in any social event. We have seen many whites outshine blacks in sports, such as rugby, football, basketball and golf. There is a clear manifestation that white people remain superior in the world. During sports, the whites should forge means of making the event livelier. For instance, cheering a game, whose participants are blacks, should be executed using monkey sounds. It has been a monumental problem amongst sporting organizers as they saw talented black people shy away from taking part in tournaments (Sears, 45). However, such a sound makes the event more captivating as it reminds blacks about their origin and ancestors. During match fixing, all efforts should be made to see black people fail. When pooling in a tournament, for instance, teams with blacks should be given tough opponents to ensure that they are eliminated early. It gives teams with whites a chance to have a soft ride to the finals. As a result, chances of white teams winning are broadened. Ultimately, it is the white people who retain their superiority among other races.

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It should be noted that the world is on the move. Each person is striving to make his or her life better. It is a world full of competition. Worse enough, there has been a consistent effort by blacks to outdo the whites. The competition ranges from social, political to economic spheres. In games, there has been an indicator of blacks aiming to take over records across all sports. In terms of politics, blacks are taking over as it is evident that many blacks are plunging into political arenas with all the zeal. Currently, the white society has a reason to be worried about the threat posed by the blacks. Many people are now appreciating art made by black people. It means the white society has got a challenge, which must be dealt with before it becomes fatal. That is why racism should be rejuvenated so as to condemn black people to where they belong. In any case, their dark skin color says it all that they are destined to the darkness. It is, therefore, upon every white to stand up and fight blacks with all the energies. The major weapon for this is nothing other than carrying out any activity that would promote racial discrimination against black people.

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