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"Though he was in the form of God, he took on the form of a slave"

This means that Jesus did not consider it wrong to be same as God but he did not try to exalt himself though he had a choice to (Phil.2:5-11). Instead he settled for a vessel in human form to let mankind have a feel of God in the form of man. This is in a way mankind could easily relate and connect with.

Meaning of the self-emptying hymn in Philippians

            The hymn emphasizes the fact that Jesus let go off his own wishes to hold onto and live by the will of his father, God. He was totally selfless and surrendered to accomplish what God desired thus in turn God exalted him and gave him a name above all names on earth.

 Major change in Paul’s life where he broke with his past life

This was his name from Saul to Paul because it immediately separated his former persecutor being to the Preacher of Christ Jesus thus greatly spread the word and converted a lot of people to Christianity.

The characteristics of a true apostle from 2 Corinthians

            True apostles should dwell on righteousness and expect the end to be according to what they profess. The apostles should expect and be willing to suffer and be tormented for the sake of what they believe in. This is faith in Christ.


  1. 1.       What do you think Paul is trying to accomplish by talking about the example of Christ who emptied himself in Philippians 2?

Paul is trying to instill obedience and give the Corinthians a reason to develop faith and be ready to leave whatever they hold onto in exchange to everlasting promise of life through Jesus Christ.

  1. 2.       When Paul says he has suffered the loss of all things, what would be included in that loss and how was that loss associated with his accepting Christ?

Paul’s loss included losing his security by earning enemies. This was also initially through temporary loss of vision when he encountered Christ. This only prepared him for his final death through stoning by the crowd of non believers.

  1. 3.       In 2 Corinthians Paul interprets why Moses put a veil on his face; what explanation does Exodus 34:29+ suggest is the reason for the veil?

         When someone gets to the God’s presence they are never the same. They transform and the veil was partly to shield the extra brilliance that shown on his face and in literal terms he was going back face to face with the sinful Israelites who had forgotten about God. It can be said to be out of Shame too.

  1. 4.      What does Paul say about himself to distinguish himself from the false apostles?

Paul is very confident of all his prophesies because God is his record and he approves of righteousness. He speaks the word without fear and defends the Gospel at all costs. He is not ashamed of anything because he knows Christ shall be revealed in his body.

  1. 5.      How does Paul’s description of himself as a true apostle relate to his request for money for the poor from the Corinthians?

 Paul collected from Corinthians for the poor therefore endangering his own life and actually appointed deacons to distribute the same to the poor and widows. This was in line his faith in the word and no one embezzled the collection.

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