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Should Teachers Carry Weapons

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In the modern-day society, school shootings occur frequently enough such that they have become major news. This situation has led to an unending debate among major stakeholders on whether or not school officials, such as teachers, should be allowed to carry weapons like guns in class. Recently, a high school in Palmetto was under immense tension when rumors were doing the round that there was going to be a shooting. This example, and many others, renews the concern about the violent nature of young people and the question of whether teachers should be the ones to provide protection in schools.

Even though there is an increasing trend of school shootings each day, and many students continue to carry guns to schools, the idea of teachers carrying weapons to schools should not be perpetuated. On the other hand, guns should not be totally inaccessible to teachers. They may be provided in schools, but their accessibility should be restricted only to certain limits. As such, it is important to seek to find a compromise between the two extreme situations.

It is imperative to note that the school ought to be the safest place for a child to stay apart from home, yet there are insecurity problems in schools. To bring back safety in schools so that students can learn smoothly, all options must be tabled and debated. There are many arguments for and against the idea of allowing teachers to carry weapons in class. These are aimed at the rights of the individuals who need protection versus creating an environment where increased violence might occur if more guns are allowed.

One of the arguments in favor of allowing teachers to carry guns is the idea that teachers are in a better position to defend students from armed intruders, since they (teachers), are the ones responsible for their students welfare while in school. Other people argue that allowing teachers to carry weapons is necessary so as to give them an even playing ground with some of their students who also carry guns. As such, their argument is that teachers should be allowed to carry guns for self-defense since the liberal society has allowed people, including students to carry guns.

On the other hand, one of the arguments held by the opponents of the idea of teachers carrying guns lies in the fact that guns and other weapons may add emotional stress to students. For instance, a teacher may threaten a misbehaving student using a gun, thus making such a student to loose his/her attention in class due to the fear of being shot. Teachers are also not properly trained to use guns in the same way as the police, and therefore they might end up misfiring shots even in times of danger, thus causing unnecessary deaths. In addition, schools which grant teachers the right to possess weapons may have their education system viewed negatively by outsiders. Doing so might reflect that the education system which is adopted by that particular school encourages violence, yet schools are expected to educate students about moral values and problem-solving techniques which shun away from the use of violence. Furthermore, allowing teachers to carry weapons would also change the intended conducive learning atmosphere to a highly tensed one.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the debate on whether teachers should be armed or not is met with so much controversy. Even though teachers should not be allowed to carry guns to class, due to the ever-increasing cases of school shootings everyday, guns should not be made totally inaccessible to teachers. Guns may be provided in each classroom, but they should be kept under tight vigilance so that that they can only be used in times of serious emergencies. For instance, they can be used with PIN numbers which are only permitted by school principals. This will make it impossible for teachers who may be mentally incapacitated to use them freely for their own mischievous reasons such as for threatening students. On the other hand, teachers should be licensed to use these guns, and they must receive proper training in crisis management and hostile situations.

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