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The Missing Puzzle

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This is a definite descriptive essay which outlines the missing puzzle in my life. The missing puzzle in this paper is here by the significant other in my life and how he fits the description of the man that I have been looking. The word love is diverse and every single person has their own unique diverse way of defining love. This word has been attempted to be exemplified by ancient periodicals and even the scribes had something to do with the many definition of this term as accorded by Tennov (1989). To me the term love is current the crux on every debate which I engage in, even in class I find integrating love in mathematical sums. Love is a strong divine feeling which one gets from being appreciated and being at peace emotionally, the body gratification which engages the thoughts in blissful ambient mood which is attached to another person.

The Journey of Finding Love

As poet would say “I have kissed my fair share of frogs” the meaning of this poetic saying is that before I found the current love, I had dated lot of other men. The only error was in that on those relationships there was no gratifying affection; neither was there any chemistry nor was the attachment. I felt that I was giving too much and receiving well nothing in return. I started thinking that maybe I was doomed to be alone, the lonely nights and the cuddling couples in the bus, parks only continued to butcher my ego. I felt paralyzed and dysfunctional in many aspects of my life; I even started neglecting myself due to self pity. However, I had faith and back in my mind I had the picture of the kind of man which I usually visualized to meet and build a rejuvenating relationship (Jerry, 2008).

My prince charming was supposed to be a handsome, tall and well build man with hazel eyes. This fantasy was eating away my confidence as every day in the dating cycle I met different men. I engaged in many social gathering and would not miss any wedding or other social parties which were of decent ambience as I wanted to meet in a decent social place.

Break Through

Throughout my expedition of sourcing for love I had even asked my friends and family to connect me with a man fitting the description of my significant half to no avail. As the saying goes good things come to those who wait, after three years on mental trauma and hustle for a lover who seemed like a pipe dream I nearly completely gave up as exemplified by Jerry (2008).

On one fateful night I was coming from a book reading. Speeding home to watch the finale of the TV series “Run Away Bride” I had a little fender bender with a white sedan. The occupant of the sedan casually stroll on my driver window and said “mum you want us to get killed.” His face shone like an angle, he had hazel eyes, well trimmed boy cut and as he talked his milky white teeth flickered by the light from the oncoming traffic made them glee like silver. He had this dimples which were visible although he was kind of angry because of my carelessness which caused the fender bender. I was speechless and he was aware of his effect on me, he leaned forward and asked if I was feeling alright. He was dubbed in the new Boss Edition cologne which made things worse together with his warm body heat as the evening was cold.

I started developing nausea and could not hear what he was saying at some point I totally blacked out. The stranger rushed me to the hospital and stayed over night with me, later after recovering from the shock. He was there beside me and he introduced himself as Alejandra. This was how a beautiful relationship was born. We went out couple of date and we shared a lot in common from basic interests to major career interests. The chemistry is great and he is fun to be around even when in silence there is a feeling like we are conversing. He is like my therapy the time we spent together eases my worries and stress, am at peace and now more alive than I ever have been in my life (Tennov, 1989).


Nowadays I have a strong believe on the saying “after every calamity, every storm there is a stream of hope that ensues.” Just after my hope of ever finding my significant other was diminishing, he enters my life in a funny collision. Love is a feeling which I now desire that every person should and I emphasize a must have strong personal attachment and appreciation.

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