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The Public Graded Federal Bureau

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Some of the specific items that should be listed on the report cards that are used to evaluate a federal bureaucracy are: in order to improve the accountability of the bureaucracy in various federal agencies a budget based on the performance should be implements to assist in examining how such agencies meet specific performance criteria intended by the government. The report cards created for each agency should also include a feedback report on the agencies input into the public through its staff members through analysis of services offered in terms of customer services issues like courtesy, urgency of problem resolution as well as on customer satisfaction levels. Thirdly, the reports cards should include government printed forms that are distributed to the citizens which they will use them to evaluate the governmental agencies and insert their evaluation sin their tax returns envelops. The report card should be able to able to publicize the performance of an agency in comparison to other federal agencies and in doing so an agency will strive had to improve its performance to avoid public embarrassment and criticism (Bardes, Et al. 2007).

The report card idea may not necessarily result in cutting down of funds given to poorly performing agencies as some performance are linked to budgetary payouts which means an agency may perform poorly because funds allocated to it are less. In addition to that there is the problem of improbability of federal staff to be fired even if they underperformed  such decisions are extensively governed by rules and regulations which reduces chances of a staff being fired as its in private businesses. So this security against possible dismissal from an agency as made staff members ignorant and lazy hence compromising with their levels of performance in the agency.

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