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Trimalchio’s lifestyle

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Trimalchio’s lifestyle is well manifested in a dinner during which Encolpius the hero and his friends were invited to his house in Hellenistic times in the Roman Empire. As they wait outside Trimalchio’s house, they are informed that their host is quite elegant (Zeno 2007). Trimalchio has a clock in the dinning room and a trumpet whose player is dressed to give the impression of how much time he would take entertaining the guests. The world around Trimalchio seems to aim higher and higher and for him, dressing to impress is relatively important. He is a freedman with many servants. Trimalchio’s lifestyle is a reflection of Hellenistic culture of the Roman Empire.

A silver bottle is always available for Trimalchio to urinate in. He uses the long hair of the boys to dry his hands. Perhaps the hair had been grown for that purpose. His house is an illustration of fine luxuries. From the board game played with pieces of silver and gold to the silver spills on the floor mark nothing less than an imperial palace. For this dinner with Encolpius, Trimalchio is remarkably dressed and has covered himself with perfumes. Just to mention the least there is an evident presence of too much indulgence with imperials (Zeno 2007).

Trimalchio begins to give a speech during the dinner and at an argument a servant spills wine. For pretension purposes, he suggests that his slaves are consuming to his health. The entire scene is a picture of a Hellenistic rich man in the Roman Empire. Trimalchio portray nobility. But very outstanding character is the way Trimalchio features himself. His relationship with the slaves and the poor is quite biased. He often threatens his subjects with violence especially if they go out without his consent (Zeno 2007).

It may be said that Trimalchio’s dress code reflects roman social dress and the food culture for him is what can be termed as extravagant indulgence. However his relationship with his wife is significant. His wife Fortunata makes effort to control her husband Trimalchio. This indicates efforts by women to reign over men. It may have occurred in the Hellenistic times but the tradition of the rich and their desire to boast goes a long way even to the present times.

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