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Trust and Power: The Darfur conflict

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Darfur conflict is a conflict which had resulted to civil war in Sudan. The conflict began in 2003 when Justice and Equity Movement (JEM) which is of the Northern part of Sudan and Sudan Liberation Movement/Arm fought while accusing Sudanese Government of discriminating the black Africans (Baldauf, 2010).

There is increased need of settling the conflict so that the country would be in peace, these would be achieved through trust. The trust which would be applicable to resolve this conflict would only arise in negotiations. Hence, both groups will be required to present their grievances which they would discuss in guidance of a skilled negotiator to strike a deal which would resolve the differences once and for all (McAllister, 1995). Such trust will be based on forgiving each other on what they had been wronged on.

According to Krauss & Morsella, (2000) communication reduces conflict. Therefore to ensure that both groups resolve their conflicts I would involve their leaders who have the powers to communicate between themselves and convince their followers on the resolutions which had been agreed upon. I would therefore ensure that leaders of both groups are involved in fruitful negotiations which will iron out their differences. The conflict resolved will be anchored on trust that the agreed measures will be adhered to by both parties. However, if one group betrays each other the trust would be lost and conflicts experienced would not cease. Therefore, it shall be advisable that the accord agreed upon to be upheld by both groups.

Power is a factor which would not be ignored in this conflict resolution as it involves the government and groups which are opposing it. Therefore, involvement of their top most leaders and other leaders in the group is essential as they will command those who follow them in line of command to adhere to the accord agreed. On the other hand the most powerful group would also have influence on resolutions being made by corrupting decision makers and misuse of resources and authority bestowed on them for their own advantage.

The most influential personal and environmental factor which affects my behavior in relation to power is that personally I do consider my self as a leader or some who would hold positions which are powerful and influential. However, on the environment, those people whom I relate to refer me mostly to be a leader and in most cases they appoint me to lead them which make me to be in position of power over the group that I will be leading.

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