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The Walls that Restrict Our Thinking Process

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Critical thinking does not involve only making clear and rational assumptions on a particular subject. Moreover, critical thinking implies the art of building thoughts in an independent and reflective way. ‘The architecture of mind’ is a demanding process that requires a detailed analysis of a case, providing a full isolation from the reality, overfilled with stumps. Nevertheless, the evidence demonstrates that while making a reasonable hypothesis, there are hindrances, which bump into the mind, and these hindrances prevent it from being a qualitative product of an intellection.


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First, ignorance is a cause we cannot critically evaluate, even the most essential things. The lack of knowledge makes us follow the previously created erroneous beliefs that are always cognitive biases. We have to broaden our outlook by discovering the new information with the help of such sources as National Geographic, BBC, and CNN. The second barrier is superstition. For example, a black cat on your way is certainly a sign of misfortune (not to mention Friday 13th). However, we hold these dubious beliefs because ‘…they are the most sensible conclusions consistent with the available evidence’ (Gilovich, 1991). In addition to this, people suffer from a lack of discernment. My father’s friend, whose daughter was ill, was obsessed with ‘natural’ cures, such as consumption of fruit and vegetable juices. The girl was on 35-days water-only fast. As a result, she died of malnutrition. Unfortunately, this fact was revealed after child’s death. Without any doubts, there is nothing more sorrowful than a life loss due to some inaccurate belief.

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To sum up, as self-sufficient personalities, we should not be under the influence of sloppy thinking, prejudiced estimations, and deceitful inabilities of recognizing and accepting particular ideas, which could not be as trustworthy as they may seem at first sight. It is necessary to strive and develop the ‘habits of mind’ that give promotion to clearer perspective of the world we live in.

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