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Analysis of Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy

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The moral and spiritual journey of Vasili Andreevich  is the main focus of the story. In achieving this moral and spiritual state, Leo Tolstoy has employed the concept of death. This is particularly necessary in order to effect the transformation of man into a more worthy life style and actions. To aid such transformation, the cold winter has been used. The elements enabled Vasili to realize his potential in life. Noticeably, Tolstoy made a wealthy merchant realized life and transform it to something worthy by using the character of the servant. It must be remembered that life is being seen on a different perspective (Orwin, 2002). If a person was not able to experience pain and suffering in his life, that person would not be able to appreciate the wealth, money and fortunes that he has. And in this story, Vasili realized such important lesson at the brink of death. The suffering and pain of the servant as well as the struggles in life has taught Vasili lessons in life. But then again, such scenes and interaction has given reciprocal lessons to the servant as well. The story has established a give and take relationship that enhanced the reality of life that speaks of every person learning from each and every person in the society.

At the brink of death, Vasili learned to appreciate life and to overcome his greed. It is quite confusing why Vasili would give his life for a servant. But then again, the realization and the transformation that the servant brought about to Vasili is more important. At the end of the story, Vasili learned the most important lesson and that is to appreciate life through the eyes of a person who has not been able to taste the goodness it offers. Hence, he offered his life for a greater cause and that is to let the servant experience a good life.

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