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Animal experimentation

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The article basically surrounds animal experimentation. It goes into telling us the norm of often resulting to use animals to perform certain experiments especially those that may be beneficial to man. For instance, according to the article, it is easier to perform experiments on apes due to the simple fact that they possess an almost similar count of DNA as human beings. The article then goes ahead and tells us of the theories proposed by earlier scientists such as Charles Darwin on evolution and experiments on behaviorism from scientists such as Pavlov.

In true, the article is a true reflection of animal rights activists in that it tries to expose the facts surrounding animal experimentation. It delves in giving some relevant information as to why experiments are done to some animals and the implications this may have to the animals. In particular it provides me with more knowledge on the emotive effects such experiments may have on the animals, and which most scientists fail tom put into consideration before performing any experiments.

From the information gained from the article, I am empowered to start sensitization activities that are driven to protect the welfare of animals while at the same time creating a ground where human beings can also benefit. Such activities will be geared towards creating some form of awareness to the scientists on the potential negative effect that animal experimentation may have on the animals and to help create an avenue for the discussion of possible remedies.

In addition, the article applies to me in one major way. It is practical in the way it gives an account of why previous experiments on animals were not considered harmful to the animals. According to the article, this was because of the behaviorist school of thought. However, that thinking has changed and people are now more informed about the rights and feelings that animals have. This kind of responsive behavior towards animals applies to me in that I am very keen on treating animals in the right way and would not encourage any maltreatment of the animals on the basis of experimentation.

To conclude, the article is informative though shallow, on the reasons as to why some animals such as apes are used in experimentation. It also gives an account of some of the emotive effects the experiments performed, have on the animals and why it is so. The article finally accounts the earlier irresponsible experimentation by earlier scientists to behaviorists’ way of thinking. This article has a positive effect towards giving information regarding animal experimentation and the effect it has to the animals.





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