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Business Wire. (2010). Future Trends and Developments in the Global Consumer Electronics Industry. Retrived  1 March 2010 from

This is a web article on the importance of the electronics consumers profile to the electronics production and marketing. The article explores consumption of electronics by customers and the influence of data on market size and segmentation, plus textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, demographic information, and descriptions of the leading companies.

Putten A. (1996).  Electronic measurement systems: theory and practice. New York: Taylor and Francis Group

This book is meant to facilitate thorough understanding of a variety of analogue as well as digital electronic measurements schemes that are in frequent use.  It discuses specific features concerning these systems such as their design, architecture among others. The books also handle signal structures such as I/O bussyststems, DAQ boards and their architectures the book finally handle the changes in various component of theses systems.

Meijer, C. M. (2008). Smart sensor systems, Volume 10. New York: Willy and Sons.

This book talks about the need for sensors for information processing systems to get the mechanical physical and chemical information so it can function.  The books also looks at the prospects of producing such sensors for domestic use, use in vehicle and use in pats of industrial machines as well as in other appliances.

Dwivede, Y., Kurunananda, A and Weerakkody. (2009). Implementing e-government in Seri-Lanka: lessons from the UK. Information Technology For Development. 13(3) 171-192

This journal article looks at his future development of e-government. E-government is becalming popular world wide. The article examines the rising fame of the e-governance and the provision of services through these relatively new methods. Seri-Lanka, is yet to adopt this new technology and the research in this journal entry is meant to find out a few facts about the achievement of the system in Britain and to determine it likely success in the Siri-Lanka as well as the future prospects in e-government.

Luryi,S. Xu, J. and Zaslavsky, (20070A Future trends in microelectronics: up the nano creek. New York: Wiley-Interscience.

The content of this book involves a discussion of the future evolution of semiconductor microelectronics by leading semiconductor microelectronics some of the issues discussed include whether CMOS technology have real problems, what comes after semiconductors, quantum computing Spintronics among others

Mantrala, M., & Krafft, M. (2009). Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends. Berlin Springer

This book handles the emergence and development of online marketing. Marketing is the most critical component of many businesses in the present millennium the retail industry. The outburst in customer-level information accessibility, development of âradio frequency identification (RFID) technology, , the global extension of chief retail chains like METRO Group and Wal-Mart and so on.  Making this a reality is not easy but many practitioners are determined to make the kind of use of electronic is further developed

O'Neill, M. (2009). Digital Driving Pay TV's Future. Retrieved 5 November 2010 from

This articles talks about the likely effects of adopting the new digital technology in communication and broadcasting.  The digital technology, according to the article is more superior to analogue technology. It is this superiority that has caused mass migrating from analogue technology to digital technology.  The article further discourses the future expected changes due to the digital revolution.

Conroy, S. (2009). Mildura leads the way into digital TV future. Retrived 1 March 2010 from

This is yet another article that talks about digital revolution and the advantages of embracing the digital technology. The articles also talks of how people are embracing the digital technology. The embracing of digital technology is expected to improve media industry.

Christ, S. (2008). Tech tredns for 2008: consumer Electronics shoe unveil Future Tech. retrieved 1 March 2009 from

The articles talks about digital technology and the use of internet communication in the modern digital world. The digital technology is expected to facilitate improvement of internet communication through satellites. This will improve the use of communication electronics


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