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Comparison and Contrast of Bend it Like Beckham and Ice Princess

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In every home, there is a certain cultural background that people have followed from the days of old. The older generation teach younger people their culture that they may grow in it. Therefore, young people learn to follow the life style they learnt through their parents. If they fail, they are considered rebellious, and without morals as they cannot comprehend to the lifestyle they have been taught. The movie bend it like Beckham and ice princess depict this theme. According to Keil, intercultural learning plays a significant role in life. Keil uses the movie to define intercultural relationships and communication. This paper will compare and contrast two movies. Bend it like Beckham, and ice princess.

The actresses in both movies are in the same age group. In both cases, there is a scene of sports. In the movie bend it like Beckham, the main actor has a lot of interest in football. This compares to the zeal expressed by Casey in ice princess. Both characters prepare to work tooth and nail to pursue their goals. Another comparison is in the culture exhibited in the two movies. The main actresses in both movies are at the age of adolescence. Casey in ice princess should focus on her physics project, while Jess should focus on her social life. Bend like Beckham is done in the context of an Indian culture, while ice princess bases on western culture. Bend it like Beckham has a blend of both the Indian and western culture, ice princess focuses on the western culture only.

In conclusion, both movies express the theme of identity effectively. That is different people have different cultures. The movie bend it like Beckham has a full capacity of displaying intercultural relations. While ice princess displays the theme of talent identification in young people. The comparison between the two movies shows that all people have a certain family trend that they pass on to the next generation.

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