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Decision-making Capacity and Openness to the community

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Centralization of the education system in the state of Quebec has resulted in effects that have seen participants calling for democratic and fair systems. With the help of players from outside, schools should be given control over their education activities. Changes in the system will be appreciated only if they contribute positively to the activities and general success of the school. This does not necessarily mean that the whole education system will break down; rather it The state should be left to handle matters of elementary and secondary school level while MEQ should indulge itself in matters of curriculum restructuring, leadership in terms of how decisions are made and implemented and to avoid centralization a mediator should be chosen to liaise between MEQ and schools. The school boards’ system has been too closed, not open and representative enough. There is need for these boards to act like municipalities hence cutting them down in number. Municipalities act on territorial basis and if school boards do this, choices will be made democratically and elections which will be held together with municipalities will ensure fairness. Social players who are outside school leagues and whose concerns complement schools should be given a chance to participate in decision making. For instance, teachers and parents’ advisory committees should be created to ensure support of student’s success. Students’ councils will be a basic streamliner of student life and creation of an institutional council to listen to the grievances of committees of teachers, parents and students’ council too will be good.
In conclusion, collective responsibility for the education system should be adhered to quickly, in order to find solutions to problems arising. Control of the education process should be left to teachers since they are mostly at stake in matters of education and supervision of students is normally their work. There is need to rethink ways to keep the intermediate level informed as well. Therefore, inter-level coordination is necessary to avoid neglect of some basic areas.

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