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Demographics Annotated Bibliography

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Allen, Marshall. Just Being In Vegas Raises Risk Of Suicide, Study Finds. November 13 2008. < > September 09, 2010

In Allen’s article titled ‘Just being in Vegas raises risk of suicide, study finds’ he has highlighted the problem that highly affects the residents and visitors of the city. According to the research that was conducted by   Temple and Harvard Universities lead by an assistant professor of sociology Mr. Matt Wray, in the study that was known as “Leaving Las Vegas: Exposure to Las Vegas and Risk of Suicide.”, the researchers were aimed at analyzing and also finding the causes of the increased reports of suicide being reported amongst the residents and visitors of this city as compared to other cities in the united states of America.

 In there research they came up with a statistical representation of the reported cases of suicides committed in the city ranging from the year 1979-2004, and therefore the researchers were able to base there arguments and claims on the report, as the result of the report gave them backing for there claim the Las Vegas is a city that can increase the chances of one committing suicide that the other states in America.

The writer of the article has given out some possible causes of the increased cases of suicide, which includes gambling, abuse of drugs and alcohol, the increasing population, mental problems and high living standards.

Planning and Development Department, Demographics. 2009 <> September 09, 2010

This article published by thePlanning and Development Department is a conclusive report of the year 2000 census this is when it sums up all the facilities found in this city, this is by giving the exact number of educational facilities, cultural and recreation centers, number of households, health facilities it also gives a comprehensive sturdy of the population, climatic conditions and land area and medium age of this city.

The report also gives the reader the exact knowledge of this place, as this census results shows how the representation of the population of the people in the city, it majorly highlights on the population of Clark County, this is the most affected county in this city that reported the highest numbers of suicide in the whole city of Las Vegas.

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