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The essay is an analysis of technologies used in business that has made it possible for managers as well as business associates ‘meet’ without really traveling throughout the world. Much travelling has been deemed to be an expensive and very disruptive to those who travel in the quest of meeting with their business partners. The paper describes all the lands of technologies used to curb the problem. It is worth noting also that during that time of extensive air travel, global business not flourishing like at present. Communication innovation has thus turns the world into a global village. Cutting down of running cost to maximize revenue brought about adopting technologies in communication to replace face to face communication.

The options for virtual meeting include video conference calls, video phone calls, E-mails and Web meetings. Video conferencing known as video teleconference is an interactive telecommunication system whereby more than two people in distinct geographic locations to interact through a two way video and audio sharing of information in a simultaneous manner. Video conferencing provide participants with visual connection; can reach a larger number of participants at any given time. The draw back includes; it is much expensive and when equipment fail then that can be a serious setback on the meeting especially if a deal was just about to being arrived at (Settle-Murphy, 2007).

Conference calls refers to a telephone call that the person calling need to have his massage to be conveyed to more than one person. There are instances in which the called persons can take part in the call other than listening. Web conferencing is a system in which live meetings, presentation as well as teaching or training is conducted through the internet. Those participating in the meeting usually sit behind a personal computer then is connected to the rest of the participants online. The advantages of these two are that it helps cut cost because they are the cheapest (Khosrowpour, 1999). The problem especially with web conferencing is it is dependant on internet, low connection then jeopardizes the meeting, interruption of ads and gauging personal serious is also limited. In conference calls quality of the call fall once other locations are added in the line. 

According to Moore, 2010 E-mail or electronic mail is a form of communication whereby there is exchange of digital massages via the internet and other computer networks. The advantage of this kind of communication is that there is evidence of written material/record, allows rapid communication. The down fall is that it depends on internet connection.

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