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Happiness is a very important component of life.  However, being happy is not out of individual doing but is influenced by many external factors.  For me the best condition that makes me happy is staying with others, helping one another and loving each other. There is great joy in staying with parents, siblings and other relatives. The love and assistance that family members give one another is great and bring joy and happiness as well.   The same case applies when it comes to helping and sharing with friends. Friend like family members are bonded by love and mutual understanding that enables then to bring joy to one another. The joy that comes from sharing with friend and family members bring me great joy and happiness likewise and I find them indispensable part of life.

The discovery of this unending source of happiness has made me realize that what I considered as happiness before was unrealistic and egoistic. Happiness before was only designed to please me. Being trendy and keeping up with fashion, driving latest cars accorded me great joy and happiness. Evidently, being happy was dictated by materialistic thing. This kind of happiness is ill conceived happiness that can be referred to as Hedonistic kind of happens (Veenhoven, 437). This kind of happiness is associated with love for materialistic things.  This explanation best suits what I was; a person who loves money and what money could bring. It was absolutely Hedonistic.

The pursuit for happiness preoccupies every person’s thought and activities. Unfortunately the pursuit of happiness can sometimes be very misguided. In most cases the pursuit if happiness is considered to be synonymous with the pursuit of individual interests and the expense of there people interests the way I did under the influence of hedonistic idea of happiness. I am happy to have realized what condition best confer happiness to me and hope that every other person will be able to find their happiness without being egoistic.

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