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Journal Review

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      There are two different societies that are depicted in Sultan’s Dream; one of the societies is dominated by men, while the other is dominated by women (Sarkar, 2008). The other society that is currently dominated by women was initially dominated by men and this was the tradition in most societies in the past. Men could not believe that their female counterparts were capable of performing even better in a variety of areas than they could do. It is evident from Sultan’s Dream that women can be the best leaders and scientists. Ladyland is ruled by a Queen, and women have discovered ways of trapping water from the atmosphere and energy from the sun during the day. Therefore, live in Ladyland is perceived as the best because of women’s intelligence. Ladyland was once invaded by enemies but men were unable to drive them away which encouraged women to look for an alternative. Women successfully drove the enemies away after ordering men to remain indoors.  

      It is evident from A Room of One’s Own that various societies are dominated by men because they are better financially as compared to their female counterparts . Women could perform better in the field of literature if they had their own rooms and if they were allowed to attend school . The author’s father believed that girls were not supposed to attend school. Judith Shakespeare was denied a chance of going to school by his father who at the same time allowed his son William Shakespeare to attend school. William became great in the world of literature but his sister Judith did not make it. Therefore, the tradition and leadership in A Room of One’s Own is male dominated.    

      The society that is depicted in the poem Declaration was initially dominated by men. The author believes that a hero should be a man and not a woman. However, the author has found that he is less capable to perform his duties effectively and has decided to step down for his mother. He believes that the final hour for male chauvinism has come and that the only option is to step down. The tone and attitude depicted in Sultan’s Dream and A Room of One’s Own is that women are far better than men in performing various activities including leadership, while the tone and attitude depicted in Declaration is that men should be the heroes and not women.   

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