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Madhur Bhandarkar was born on the 26th of August in 1968, in Maharashtra. Madhur is an award winning Indian filmmaker and has also been a scriptwriter. He ran a video cassette library in Khar near Mumbai, and this is what gave him the passion for movies with the large collection of the various movies that he watched at this time.

            Despite this seemingly success, Madhur had a humble beginning in life being a school dropout, and at some point before dropping out of school he had to work as he studied. He used to run errands at a video cassette shop delivering movies to various people. He also sold chewing gum at traffic lights signals to make ends meet.

            Madhur’s career began after trying his skills in production and various other tasks related to production, he also worked as an assistant to film director Ashok Gaikwad. He also landed as an assistant to Ram Gopal and even had a role as one of the minor characters in Gopals film of 1995, Rangeela. Madhur came up with an episode of a TV serial Apne Rang Hazaar in the same year, but it did not find much success. Years later, he had his first direction with Trishakti; it took more than two years to develop and was released in 1999. It had a low-cast key and was ignored in the box office, therefore, was not much success.

            However, after two years he directed Chandni Bar, it received much praise from the critics, and this earned Madhur a position among the top filmmakers. He even received his first national award for this film, and this was the opening gate towards many other awards that he won with his continued stint in the direction of films. He got awards for Page 3 and Traffic Signal.  Madhur was conferred PL Deshpande Award for significantly shaping the film-making industry with his unique works. He was even described as the Film Maker of The First Decade of 21st Century. His films also found a place in the Governments Archival data for Indian Films.

            In most of his films, Bhandarkar has portrayed the female as the main protagonist; he has also depicted gay characters in some of his movies like Page 3, Traffic Signal and Fashion. In an interview, he said that his movies are simply a mirror to the societal happenings and are not judgmental.

            Like any other star, he has not escaped controversy. On July, 2004, he was allegedly accused by one Preeti Jain. She claimed that she slept with him for a period of 6 years from 1999 2004 with the promise of a role in a movie and marriage. On September 2005, Jain was arrested, and she paid some secret agents to have him killed.

            As an assistant director, director, producer and even writer Madhur Bhandarkar has been successful and his films have been applauded for their relevant thematic concerns.



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