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Miracle by Kurt Russell

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Miracle by Kurt Russell tells of a true story of a player turned coach who led his team to victory in the 1980 U.S.A Olympic hockey team. It is based on a true story of one of the best moments in America’s sports history. It is an exciting non-stop hockey game filled with plot and suspense. It is about an impossible dream of beating the unbeatable soviets at their own game. The brilliant and determined coach led his team to an astounding miracle of beating the soviets. Long odds and hardships such as Fuel shortages, high inflation, hostage crises, and the war had gloomed down the country. The team comprises of 20 young men, who underwent training and are highly charged by their coach; they did not have the least expectations for victory but they had the will to play along. In the entire movie, there is a lot of teamwork; the players know their strengths and weaknesses encouraging each other to do his best. With practice and commitment, they managed to pull out a big game. They ousted the seemingly unbeatable Soviet Union Squad and captured the Gold medal. The USA team won the match carrying the pride of a nation longing for some distraction from world events happening at that time. The inspiring victory united the nation with a feeling of new hope. The movie captures a period in history where differences could be settled in games and cold wars halted. The victory was also a great influence to hockey and attracted young people into the game.

White squall (A Ridley Scott)

The White squall is a based on a true story action filled movie. It is a story about teenage American boys who crew a sailing ship to gain discipline, adventure and experience. The voyage is faced by different ups and downs. The lifetime adventure turns into an ultimate survival challenge. The students learn a tough life lesson as they struggle to save their lives in the ragging seas. The journey is smooth at first but on the return journey, their courage and determination is tested as they struggle to all reach ashore safely. Teamwork is the epicenter of the whole journey. In some way, the difficult experience taught the group how to appreciate the gift of life, to uphold trust and confidence and to respect each other. As they begun to get sea sick, they wanted to retreat but the captain gave them confidence telling them that they could not run away from the wind. He was sure that he had enough knowledge of the sea and boats to conquer it all. He told them to trim their sails, face the music, and sail on. They were determined to pull through the storms and resolved to tackle as a team all challenges facing them. They had decided to go to the albatross with different reasons; some to learn, some for discipline, others escaping and others did not even know why they were there. 

The two movies compare a lot they are both action filled and mind catching keeping the viewer glued and anticipating for the end. They are a lesson of how the nearly impossible targets in life can be attained through determination and teamwork. In both contexts, it was nearly a matter of life and death. The Baseball players held the dreams, hope, and inspiration of an entire nation. They needed to win that game, it was not an easy match, but through teamwork, they managed to achieve a near miracle. The young boys in the White Squall missed death in many instances. They knew that they had to fight as a team and to ensure that they be their colleagues keepers. The coach and the captain respectively motivated and assured them boosting their morale all through the struggles.

The movies contrast in terms of context. One is a sports game and the other is a lifetime adventure filled with action. Nevertheless, they are based on real life stories but from different contexts. In contrast, in the second movie the actors were gambling with their lives evading death in very narrow margins. While in the Miracle, it was a victory to boost the morale of young players and the country towards winning against the Russian giants. It is also imperative to note that in the White Squall, the pain was intentional to teach a lesson while in the Miracle the reward was just as the name suggests, Miraculous.


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