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Monty Python's Spamalot

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Monty python’s spamalot is a comedy displaying various theatre styles and elements.  The art of Theatre presents a collaboration form of  arts which uses performances that are live to give the experience of an event usually to an audience in a designated place. The performance is used to communicate some sort of experience to audience using combinations of various tools of art such as stage setting, gestures, dance, speech comedies and a range of other form of art. Monty Python's Spamalot comedy is a form of art expressing a whole range of the elements of theater to bring out a more artistic outlook.


Scenery is an element of theater arts that gives an artistic presentation its authenticity and originality. It is the element that introduces the audience of an artistic work to the subject matter and the main theme of the presentation (Styan 39). In the Monty python’s spamalot comedy the scenery element has been emphasized through great artistic in the main theater stage.

  The Monty python’s spamalot comedy begins by an introduction setting where python songs are sung by a giggly of somehow appearing naughty boy scouts surrounding a campfire.  The stage is brought out with some decorations that depict a festive mood.  They are nicely provided in an awesome presentation as costumes from medieval cartoon. This gives the Monty python‘s spamalot a scenery outlook that can only suitably be described as extravagant, kingly and simply very expensive.

  Through the comedies scenery one can easily say that a good time is being enjoyed by a number of people including the cast at the Monty python’s Spamalot Theater. This is expressed by the vast number of people at the comedy presentation theater. The audience includes school-age children and a big number of grown-ups who feel the spamalot comedy is of worth as it covers all the generation variations through the comedy scenery.


Character is an important element in the development of any artistic work as they are the main authors of the art work output. They are the main link between the artwork and the audience. Monty python’s spamalot comedy has invested a lot in the element of character choice and presentation.  The characters in the play are the perfect in terms of the comedy development and audience satisfaction.     

Spamalot comedy is given out by a number of characters who give it the unique superb setting. The character that is described as the most venerable master with a touch of slickness is Mike Nichols. He is the latest character to access the entry of the expanding characters in the Monty python’s Spamalot Theater. Some of the great characters in the Monty python spamalot include Eric Idle and John Du Prez. Other characters that give the comedy its exemplary performance include David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, Tim Curry and Sara Ramirez.


Costume is another important theater element without which important aspect of an artwork will have been overlooked. Costumes are used to link artwork with the real life situation. In fact, costumes in the Monty python’s spamalot comedy are a great show case of how this theater element can alter the performance of an artwork. Through mere appearance of character figures in particular costumes such as the headpiece bearing ram’s horns is an enough to provoke some anticipatory guffaws among the audience.


Music is an exemplarily tool among many element of theater. From giving an artwork the setting pace to providing the backup music does it all for an artwork performance. Music has for instance been explicitly utilized to give the Monty python’s Spamalot comedy its authenticity.  It is through music that the comedy presents its various scenery settings such as the royal palace settings and the Latin outlook.


The Monty python’s spamalot comedy is an important artwork in terms of theater elements presentation. The comedy encompasses a variety of the features of artwork elements that range from scenery setting character choice, costumes and use of music.


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