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My Family

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This paper is a journal entry which shall centralize on the movie My Family (Mi Familia). This movie which is of a drama genre was directed by Gregory Nava and written by him and Anna Thomas in the year 1995. The base entry that shall be outline in this paper is affirmation or denial of the American dream. This paper shall basically analyze, challenge and summaries the chosen sequence theme from the movie.

Affirmation or Denial of the American Dream

The crux of the whole movie is based on the capturing of the human spirit essence and the unique struggle that this family underwent to settle in the United State from their ancestral land Mexico. From the beginning of the movie commence with a note of sourcing greener pastures from the family father Jose Sanchez who travels on a one year journey on foot from Mexico to California. While in California he marries an American citizen Maria Sanchez (Jennifer Lopez) who is later illegally deported to Mexico after a mass round u on illegal immigrants. The story takes another unwinding journey for this woman (Maria Sanchez) who also engages on a two years journey to California by foot with a son. This focuses on the desire which embarks of life betterment in America. At some scene the mother of the family Maria Sanchez attempts to cross a very dangerous river while carrying a child son on her back (My Family, 2009).

The journey by both parents to the United States embarks on the struggles that encompass many Native American in their quest for better life in the United State. After the family reunite and established in East of Los Angles after an arduous journey form Mexico other children are born. However, the family is crouched with many more problems and they go through many up and down, they witness the death of their first born (Chucho) a fugitive wanted fro murder (My Family, 2009). The family follows through arrays of struggles because of their ethnical background and also family issues.


This journal base entry paper outlines the arduous journey that one family goes through in their quest for better life in America. This all occurs in their quest to better their lives from the poverty that had rocked Mexico in the 1950s. The treacherous and painful route that the family undergoes through while in America because of their cultural background, they are nearly denied their dreams through series of unfortunate circumstances which engulf this family which they overcome in the end.

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