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Plot Summary of Persuasion

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This assignment summarizes plots of Chapters 13 through 15 of Persuasion which is authored by Austen Jane (2009). Chapter 13 begins with Anne spending her last days in Uppercross in a mansion-house being of the opinion that she has been of help to Mr. and Mrs. Musgroves. Lousia, who was hospitalized after an accident shown no much change, but Charles, came with news from Lyme that a speedy cure awaits her.  He was to go back to Lyme that afternoon and the ladies are indebt to him but they could no consent his departure. Ann’s departure was a dreadful event to Musgroves that the family resorted to assisting the Harvilles with raising children.

Anne later met with Lady Russell and it was mixed reaction of anxiety and joy they stayed at Kellynch. These two later visited the Crofts, Ann’s former home. Ann felt bitter about their hose being occupied by strangers. Anne was amused by how the Admiral, Mr. Croft described things about the house. The croft announced that they were to be a way for weeks.

The Musgroves visited Louisa as Mary and Charles return to Uppercross. Upon arrival they are visited by Anne and Russell, they talk of Louisa health, but this did last long as they switched talking about Captain Benwick, a friend of Anne who talks all the time about her and the book she recommended. Charles likes Benwick very much and both Charles and Anne are of the opinion that Russell will like the captain too. Mary seems to dislike Benwick just because he likes Anne.

Mr. Elliot is talked of by Lady Russell as a man who declined a cordial relation with his father. All through, Anne and Lady Russell thought of Benwick. The Musgroves were back to receive their children and those of the Harville’s. Anne and Russell later went to Bath.   

Anne visited her father, contaray to her expectation she is cordially welcomed, this is because they want to boost about the new house. Sir Walter and Elizabeth believe that Bath is much better than Kellynch. They are also happy and boastful of Mr. Elliot reappearance that apologized and are in good terms. They all talk of him and he later came. The issue of their not being a beautiful and or handsome face in Bath arises. Elizabeth seems to be interested in being a second wife to Mr. Elliot. His stay with them left Anne very much delighted.

The settings of chapter thirteen through fifteen are Uppercross, Lyme Kellynch, and Bath-Camdel Place. The later is deemed to be a place occupied by those individual of higher social status.

I personally like Mr. Elliot as portrayed by the writer. Having the courage to apologize after cutting ties with the head of his family is one big plus for him. Afterwards, he was always close to the family Sir Walter and Elizabeth; disagreement is thus is not the end of everything.  He is also handsome, intelligent and sensible. He is a great listener too; this made me like him more.

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