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Review of Hamilton's Reports

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Hamilton is one of the few Americans that will live to be recalled in the history of the nation. This is because he had a large role in the growth of a nation that was so young. This was with reference to the implementation of the new constitution. This led to his appointment as the first secretary of the Treasury in the United States.

Necessity of Hamilton’s Reports

Hamilton’s ideas fitted the times and changes that occurred at the specific time. One of these factors is that he influenced the implementation of the constitution in an area that could not be thought by the majority of other American citizens. Applying the constitution it the sector of finance was not a common thing to normal citizens. Therefore, the implementations and ideas of Hamilton were unique and necessary for the people of America and their future.

Main Points

First, Hamilton criticized the extravagance of the government in the occurrence of government credit. This was an issue that he saw fit to resist and against which to speak. However, this did not come without opposition (Ford, 1904). The other point that he covered was the proposal that the public credit accounts must correspond to the urgency of the nation. This meant that there was no need to borrow money without necessity.

Reflection of Hamilton’s Visions

Hamilton had numerous articles written through all his life. However, there were some articles that displayed and showed his dream for his country. These included the dream to have a country that followed the constitution. Such a way could reduce the hypocrisy among people who occupied the top sits in the government.

Objections to the Reports by Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans

The main points of the constitution were first created by Hamilton. However, Jefferson questioned the constitutionality of the bill. There was a rule that stated that the government was to use all the means where necessary, which was utterly ambiguous. They also argued that there had to be restrictions set out to the government and officials in power. This way, the constitution could be applied appropriately (Hamilton, 1790).

Reflection of an Elitist and Self-serving Attitude in Hamilton’s and Elements That Persist to Date

Some of his ideas and views are applicable even today. Therefore, the claim that some of them could be inaccurate could be true. However, their importance to the development of the nation cannot be doubted. Some of these views showed the selfishness of Hamilton. This is because he caused loopholes in the bills that he claimed to derive from the constitution. Since he was already in power, he favored himself through this action. Therefore, people cannot be certain of the intents and goals of Hamilton, in the inscription of his articles.

Some of the views Hamilton had could become obsolete. However, there were some that apply to date. Some of these include borrowing of money only when there is a need to do so (Hamilton, 1791). This is because the interest rates have increased all through the years to the current times. For this reason, there is a great need to take care of the deeds that the government gets involved in during such times. This was not the only factor that persists to the present times.


From the essay above, it is clear that Hamilton played a significant part in the development of America as a nation. However, it is impossible to be perfect in all deeds. This explains the existence of his critics. Even though, there are some rules and ideas that he produced, which are used up to the present day. This shows the magnitude of his knowledge and willingness to help his nation. With such people in present time, the development can be unexplainable. This incorporates political, social and economic development.

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