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Same Sex Marriages As A Narrative Hook

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Quiz 1.

I propose three narrative hooks for this study for review in class. These includes: Comparing a child brought up by homosexual parents to those brought up by parents of different sexes is like comparing heavens and earth, to legalize the adoption of children by homosexual is a journey from Canaan back to Egypt, by legalizing same-sex adoption, we are literally giving our future generation into the jaws of a hungry lion.

Quiz 2

Although views on whether people in same sex marriages should adopt children have undergone steady evolution, a good number of people still hold on to their conservative opinions. Those supporting same-sex marriages argue that people have the right to pursue happiness and part of it is adopting children regardless of their sexual orientation. Questions have been raised on how well homosexuals can raise up children and whether they should be allowed to adopt. Due to these raging debates, it would be interesting to find out how a child’s development is affected by being raised up by two parents of the same sex.

According to Graham, children brought up by same-sex couples are likely to face emotional problems. This might affect the way they socialize. Children brought up by two parents of the opposite sex fare better than those brought up by parents of the same sex. Both men and women have important roles to play in a child’s life. It is also argued that children raised up by homosexuals are likely to be confused about their sexual or gender roles and are more likely to be molested.

 Several deficiencies have accompanied these research findings. The focus of those opposing adoption of children by homosexuals has mainly been on those in same-sex unions. Another issue that has also been overlooked is the role the society plays in propagating the stigma children undergoes. More researches have also focused on comparing families with opposite-sex parents to single-parent families, while neglecting those headed by same–sex parents. The results from such researches cannot show whether children are better off being raised by two parents of the opposite sex as compared to parents of the same sex. It would therefore be important for researchers to carry out more research on this issue. As more states allow same-sex marriages, this research work will inform policy makers, child adoption agencies and even the researchers themselves.

Quiz 3.

The following are examples of the sentences in the journals related to my study in which the authors stated the research problem.

“One a cold and icy Christmas Eve in 2007, the state of West Virginia asked Kathryn Kuti and Cheryl Hess to foster a brand new baby girl, TiCasey”.

“Fifty years ago, the American family usually consisted of a married couple with children”.

“If everyone is a family, then no one is a family” .


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