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Scholars Before Researchers

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This easy involves the critical analysis of the article Scholars Before Researchers: on the Centrality of the Dissertation Literature Review in Research Preparation Boote, David N., and Beile, Penny, Educational Researcher; Vol. 34, No. 6, pp3-15.

A systematic, sophisticated literature review is the root and inspiration for an extensive research. The complicated nature of the education research needs that sophisticated and thorough review. Though the doctoral education is the answer for educational research improvement, the literature has provided little shrift to the dissertation literature review. The article at hand suggests decisive factors used in the evaluation of the quality of the dissertation literature reviews and intelligence a research that looked at dissertations at three universities. Getting knowledge and skills required to be education scholars capable of analyzing and synthesize research in the field specialized, has to be central, integrative act of pre-dissertation doctoral education (Boote & Beile, 2005). Scholarship of this kind is a requirement for increased methodological complexity and for the improvement of the usefulness of education research.

Many of claims in the article are consistent with the teaching experience and the advice to doctoral students and the writers have don evaluable service raising significant and always neglected maters that bear on carrying out literature review by doctorate dissertation in education. I concur with the work of the two authors in the assessments carried out in much dissertation literature reviewing, and with the emphasis made on the significance of learning on the identification, and the analyzing and the integration of literature of research as a whole.

On the other hand I do ague for a different concept of a dissertation literature review from that concept of Boote & Beile, (2005). With them they focused on the importance other than the comprehensiveness, on the other point, they look at this literature review as an important ingredient of research other than the grounds of the research.  I do believe that a concept like that can be at a better position to point out the problems that are associated with dissertation literature review that the two authors pointed out, and also can be at a better position of informing and supporting the process of doctoral students’ training to be competent scholars and practitioners (Becker, 1986)

This article claims that the significance of literature reviewing is at many times overlooked as they point out in page three that for the literature review to be of importance, the education research has to collect together and be able to build on and get knowledge from previous research and the scholarship on the subject. But on the other hand literature reviewing is usually looked at as the least significant or the part that needs little creativity in the dissertation. In its place a lot of emphasize are mostly concentrated on the section of methodology. Further more I do not agree more on the point that Boote and Beile argues on the part of methodology. The process of literature review the two eludes, to me looks rather out of reach with the needs of the age of information. Nothing puts forward that the process of certification that individuals get has to be incompliance with the information age, probably the opposite is true (Krathwohl & Smith, 2005)

Relevance is the concept that is hard in for the doctorate students to get and effectively use literature while absence of relevance is a usual problem in dissertation. Many students pursue their careers other than teaching the subject area of their dissertation hence less significant for them to have a thorough and comprehensive a quittance just in certain field than when they learn the identification and assessing necessary information and the application of these evaluations in supporting some actions. This applies mostly to these who will be teachers but not researchers (Maxwell, 2005). 

The issue of focusing the dissertation in the field of study will limit students to a particular area hence posing the danger of students to be prisoners on the perspective of that methodology resulting to the lack of concept in other fields.

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