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Sex and the City: The Movie

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The drama displayed in this movie is about the life of four ladies Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. The movie reveals sexual life of four professional ladies. It unfolds the different personalities between the four women. The movie involves humor and romance which highlights the social issues that affect relationships in today’s society. This paper will therefore, discuss the different characters displayed in the movie. That is both individual characters and collective character in terms of gender and sex. The discussion will also include the relationships between different characters and groups.

Group leadership:

In the movie sex and the city, there are two distinct groups of characters, men and women. The movie explores the relationship between men and women. Women were remarkably submissive to men. This is because of the high regard that men had as they were more literate than women. However, as time unfolds, women have caught up with men. Leadership roles have since taken a shift. Women today are also skilled as men are. Men have in turn changed from being subjective to objective. The completion for employment between men and women is since rising. As women get employment and earn decent salaries, marriage has since been affected. Women have gotten extremely choosy on whom to marry.

Andersen argues that men speech is different from women’s speech. She explains that men talk to people with an attitude of superiority. Unlike women when men talk they often want to be listened and their orders obeyed. They are highly assertive. On the other hand, women speak with a cooperative attitude. They do not impose their will on their subjects compared to men. Women express patience on the other party. They listen and participate equally in the conversation.


Women express a lot of creativity in their speeches. According to Andersen women use quotes, question, and expressions in their talking unlike men. A woman can easily express sympathy in the tone of her voice than a man. In the use of these forms of creativity in their conversations, women tend to have an easy time inviting someone to a conversation. This way they can easily lead that other party to a certain subject. In the movie, the four women who are the main characters express a lot of creativity in their speeches. They use different expressions and phrases to change a topic of discussion.

Creativity is also seen when they are showing dislikes or appreciating each other’s views. Charlotte expresses a lot of creativity in her talks. She uses hedges and questions to weaken her statements, and in the end changes the subjects before her friends realize her discomfort. They do not hide their attitude and thoughts towards other people views.

Decision making

Women are more positive and involving when it comes to decision making compared to men. Women are more considerate on the views of their fellow women unlike men. They have a tendency of seeking for opinion from the other women.  On the other hand, men impose their decisions. They may not involve a second party in the decision making. It is also argued that men operate in circles and classes. Men don not mingle with other men that are not of the same social class or share experiences with them. Each individual takes care of their own issues. While women always appreciate the company of their fellow women, men do not. This character of being social and welcoming is well expressed by Carrie. Carrie is the lady that considers all her friends important. She appreciates the company of her peers. She seeks their advice in her search for love.

 Women use swearing language more often than men. Women use such languages especially when they are with fellow women of the same social class. They seem to be open to relate with others of the same sex. They in clued a lot of humor in their talks while with colleagues. In the movie, she explores the character of the lady that is attentive in the conversation. She is the one that begins a conversation and keeps it running. Carrie seems to be open and free to talk about her sexual life to her friends. This is contrary to her colleague Charlotte who is reserved. She does not open up to her friend about her sexual life.

Power and leadership

In the movie, there are several characters that have leadership personalities. In the conversation between Miranda, and Samantha they are seen teasing each other. In these conversations, they put each other down by the answers they give each other. According to Andersen, this dialogue is insensitive. Despite the fact that the teasing sound to be negative, it still reflects the depth of friendship that the two ladies have towards each other. Between Miranda and Samantha, Samantha seems to have a more superior attitude compared to her friend Miranda. She does not take orders from others. On the contrary, she is the leader in the group.

She leads by example in the way she relates to men in her sexual life. Samantha also expresses a lot of power and authority in the way she directs her friends. In addition, she seems to have a bossy and assertive attitude that is well displayed in her talks with Miranda. The two do not seem to take sides. Each stands on her on opinion. As much as they have conflicting ideas, they do not get to a point of splitting


The group of four ladies in the movie is one that has several characters in it. Each of the ladies had her own unique character that distinguishes from the other. However, it does not stop them from being friends. On the contrary, they four ladies are best of friends, and they have capitalized on their differences to learn from each other’s experiences.

Carrie is the lady that easily involves her friends in everything that she is doing. She does not hesitate to seek advice from her friends on the next move she is intending to take with her boyfriend. This character is particularly noticeable in women and should be applauded. It is often advantageous for an individual, or a group to seek advice before taking another step. Unlike Samantha who has a superior attitude she does not bother to consult anyone.

Samantha’s attitude is not the best for a group.  This is because people always have to seek for advice before they make a decision. It is often risky for an individual to decide alone, or ignore other opinions. Samantha does not involve her friends in any decision about her sexual life. She cannot take any suggestions from any one. Unlike Miranda, she cannot applaud another person’s idea. She is assertive and directive. A woman has been known to be reserved in the past. Women were not allowed to voice out their thoughts and ideas. This is the character explored by Charlotte. She is seems to have a low-self esteem, and does not speak out plans about her sexual life. With such a reserved habit, it is hard for an individual to be advised or corrected.

Through the character of the four ladies, an individual can learn the art of language. People should learn how to use of different styles of language. The use of questions, phrases, and hedges enhance communication between individual, groups, and gathering. Using different expressions and being creative makes the conversation livelier, and enhances effective communication.

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