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The beginning of spider is distinctively marked by the laboratory incident where Peter is stung by a spider. Immediately Peter’s hand swells and he sweats profusely. Apparently after Peter reaches home, he is not in the mood of having a discussion with any one and he just proceeds to his room to take a rest. At night he collapses and he passes out. However in the morning Peter wakes up a time when sunlight is streaming through his room’s window. He wakes up but this time round he feels much better as compared to last night’s ill feeling. However in the morning Peter notices some changes that are apparent in his body. He has a sticky strange white mass all over him and the sheets he used to cover himself, or rather kind of silky substance. The substance has stuck on to the sheet and Peter had to struggle in order to free himself from the strange gluey strands. Further, he raises his arms and this time round he notices other strange characteristics as the stuff’s tendrils lead up to the undersides of his wrists.

Peter tries to scrutinize his wrists. A pearly white fluid oozes from the almost slits which are not clearly visible about a quarter of an inch long. More examining show that the slits are some how puffy and experiencing great pressure on the inside of his skin. He tries to push on the skin next to one of the slits so that he may relieve the pressure. Surprisingly a strange dark shape which is the size and having the color of rose thorn emerges from underneath the skin. A jet of liquid silk shoots and spreads on his face.

The middle of Spiderman is marked by the time Norman, who is under some pressure from the military, does some tests on Oscorp’s dangerous newer performance hence enhancing some chemical to himself. Apparently the chemical eventually makes him a bit stronger though he also develops some kind of maniacal alter ego. With time he murders his assistant before killing a couple of his competitor’s scientists from the air. At this moment he is in an artificial exoskeleton and at the same time he is standing on a given small flying platform that is referred to as “glider”. It is after Oscorp gets fired that Norman flies to an Oscorp-sponsored fair and murders just before Spider-Man drives him away. Immediately Spider-Man refuses Goblin’s request to work together, he discovers that Peter is a Spider-Man and amid all these the Gren Goblin attacks aunt May.

Question 2

Peter was focused and he had a goal of getting some money so he could give some money to Uncle Ben and aunt May as a show of gratitude considering the fact that they are the ones who took care of Peter after the parent’s death. For this reason he joined a wrestling game whereby the winner had to be awarded $3,000. To show his seriousness, Peter joins a wrestling tournament and he hopes to get $3,000 to buy a sports car so that he would impress Mary Jane. Peter wins the tournament by defeating his opponent Mc Graw. However the man supposed to deliver the payments gives only $100 and he alleges that Spider-Man finishes the match early. The enormous energy Spider-Man has make him humiliate a hero hence the promoter is neither happy as he also feels humiliated that his hero had been defeated. This makes the promoter deny Spider-Man the correct amount he ought to have paid for the victory. This means that Spider-Man would not be able to fulfill his desires to makes his two guardians happy, it not being his own will.

Question 4

First the act of opting to join a wrestling tournament is a clear indication that Spider-Man was determined to take care of his guardians whatsoever. This shows that Spider-Man intended to take care of them and let them live happily. At the beginning of the script, the writer explains that Peter was a very good or rather a diligent in science class, particularly Biology class. This is really unmistakable that Peter had a goal in life and that he wished to pass well and may be join a higher learning institution for further studies, hence a determined student. Immediately after Peter’s uncle is murdered, he resolves to fight crime at whatever cost. His personality resolves that criminals took his uncle’s life hence there was no need to have such characters within the society.

Question 4

Some of the characters are very supportive or rather are on Spider-Man’s sides and they have assisted readers better comprehend Spider-Man. An example is aunt may, who got ill. Her illness makes Spider-Man very much determined and he struggles to secure some money in order to cater for the aunt’s medication. This entails joining wrestling games so that he would earn himself some money. This is an indication that Spider-Man is caring and concerned about the welfare of others. Another character is Uncle Ben who was a good adviser to Spider-Man. Apparently Ben dies after a highway robbery and immediately Spider-Man learn this; he becomes confused and furious about Uncle Ben’s death. After Spider-Man notices the man who caused his uncle’s death, he promises to deal with him mercilessly. One can hence conclude that Spider-Man is caring besides the fact he is industrious especially when dealing with crime eradication.

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